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Taizy 25TPD rice mill plant successfully sent to India

In India, a country with a rich rice market, the rice processing industry plays a vital role. An Indian middleman, whom we will call Mr. Patel, has become a loyal customer of Taizy’s rice mill plant, and he recently succeeded in purchasing a 25TPD rice milling unit to meet his export needs.

Rice mill plant
rice mill plant

Indian customer’s needs

As a company dealing with import and export business, Mr. Patel often needs high-quality rice milling service for large quantities. His customers place high demands on the quality and yield of their rice, so he needs reliable rice mill plants to meet these needs. In addition, price is critical to his business, so he sought an affordable solution.

Selling features of Taizy rice mill plant for the Indian market

25tpd rice mill plant for sale
25TPD rice mill plant for sale

Our rice milling unit is ideal for the Indian market as it combines high efficiency and quality with an affordable price. This rice mill not only processes paddy efficiently, but also ensures a high-quality rice output. This is exactly what Mr. Patel needed to fulfill his client’s export requirements.

Pre-purchase factory visit

Mr Patel decided to make a personal visit to the Taizy manufacturing plant before placing the order. He was able to gain a detailed understanding of the quality, performance and production process of the machine to ensure that the machine he purchased met his requirements. The visit also impressed him with our professional team, who provided detailed answers to help him make an informed purchasing decision.

Boost the Indian client’s rice mill business

Now, Mr. Patel has successfully purchased a 25TPD rice mill plant from Taizy and integrated it into his export business. The machine not only provides high-quality rice milling services to his business, but also provides a reliable rice processing solution to his customers. This has not only helped in meeting the export requirements but has also increased his competitiveness.

Machine list for India

25TPD Rice MillModel: MTCP25D
Capacity: 25 tons per day
1 set
Emery Roller Rice Whiteners
Emery roller rice whiteners
Model: MNMS15F
Power: 15kw
1 pc
White Rice Grader
White rice grader
Model: MMJP63*3
Power: 0.75kw
1 pc
Bucket Elevator
Bucket elevator
Model: TDTG18/08
Power: 0.75kw
2 pcs
Electric Control Panel
Electric control panel
/1 pc
Affiliated equipment&install material/1 set
machine list for India

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