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2-row seedling transplanter sold to India

In May 2023, one client from India purchased one 2-row seedling transplanter for onion transplanting for his own use. Our transplanter can transplant all kinds of vegetables, fruits and flowers, such as onions, tomatoes, peppers, etc. If you are interested, welcome to contact us!

Background of the Indian client

This Indian customer owns his own company and has the ability to clear customs. He was faced with the need to transplant onions on a large scale. Therefore, he needed to purchase a seedlings transplanter for efficient onion transplanting. He decided to purchase a tractor-driven transplanter machine. This machine was able to do the transplanting operation quickly and accurately, and was adaptable to different soils and growing conditions, which helped him grow onions effectively.

Why finally choose a 2-row seedling transplanter for India?

After discussing with our professionals, this Indian customer decided to purchase a 2-row transplanter after determining the appropriate row spacing for onions. This seedling transplanter machine is capable of transplanting two rows of onions at the same time, which greatly increases the planting efficiency and speed of operation and reduces the need for labor. Moreover, the transplanting machine is easy to operate, efficient and stable, which will help him increase efficiency and yield in onion planting. By reducing the labor input and increasing the speed of operation, he gains more profit and returns.

Reference to the seedling transplanter PI for India

Seedling transplanter pi
seedling transplanter PI