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Silage Baler and Wrapper Sold to Djibouti

This silage baler and wrapper is a very popular silage baling and wrapping machine, featuring high baling efficiency and good wrapping results. This silage making machine bales and wraps silage for a long residence time and good fermentation results. Therefore, this machine is very popular in the field of animal husbandry. Recently, a customer from Djibouti ordered a baling and wrapping machine from us.

Details of the silage baler and wrapper ordered by the Djibouti customer

Silage baler and wrapper
silage baler and wrapper

The Djibouti customer is a livestock farmer, breeding a lot of cattle. So he wants to buy the silage baler machine to profit from his business. While searching for machines online, he came across our machines and sent us an inquiry for a machine.

Our sales manager, Coco, contacted him immediately after receiving his inquiry. She then sent him information, photos, and videos of our baling and wrapping machine. Coco then found out that he wanted an oil/electric silage baler and wrapper and recommended the relevant machine to him. He was also shown a video of the machine being used for both purposes. After watching it, the Djiboutian customer was very satisfied. He also asked for some more nets to bale the silage and a wrapping film.

Package & delivery of the silage baler and wrapper machine

Package in the wooden cases
package in the wooden cases

The machine needs to be packed in wooden boxes before being shipped by sea so that it receives good protection from moisture, collisions, etc. during transport.

Advantages of the Djibouti customer buying this kind of silage baling and wrapping machine

  • Oil and electricity. The machine is affordable and practical.
  • High efficiency. The silage baler and wrapper can produce 50-60 pieces per hour.
  • Benefit his business. Because of his cattle livestock, the silage is important. This machine can help store sufficient cattle feed.

Machine parameters for the Djibouti customer

Silage round baling and wrapping machineModel: TZ-55-52
Power: 5.5+1.1kw motor and 15hp diesel engine
Bale size: Φ550*520mm
Baling speed: 50-60 pcs/h, 5-6t/h
Machine size: 3520*1650*1650mm
Machine weight: 850kg
Bale weight: 65-100kg/bale
Bale density: 450-500kg/m³
1 set
NetThe length of a roll of the net: 50cm
Diameter: 22cm
Weight: 11.4kg
Packing: plastic film
Packing size: 50*22*22cm
A roll of the net is about 280 bundles
20 pcs
FilmWeight: 10kg
Length: 1800m
Packing: 1 roll/carton
Packing size: 27*27*27cm
1 roll can wrap 55 bundles
100 pcs