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20GP Container of Silage Baler and Wrapper for Sale to Portugal

Taizy silage baler and wrapper for sale is a machine that can bundle and wrap all kinds of silage, which extends the storage time of the feed, preserves its nutrients, and makes it taste better. This is why this silage baling machine is so popular with people all over the world.

Why did the Portuguese customer buy the silage baling and wrapping machine?

This Portuguese customer has his own feed mill, where he sells a variety of silage for various livestock farms. Now he wants to improve the efficiency of his plant, so he wants to buy a baling and wrapping machine.

Corn silage
corn silage

How did the Portuguese customer order the silage baler and wrapper for sale?

A customer from Portugal recently sent us an inquiry about the silage baler machine. Winnie, our sales manager, was in touch with him very quickly. She found out that the Portuguese customer wanted to have a look at the machine first, so Winnie sent him the basic information about our baling and wrapping machines.

Silage baler and wrapper for sale
silage baler and wrapper for sale

At the same time, she also chatted with him on WhatsApp about the characteristics of our silage baler and wrapper for sale. Afterward, the customer said that he wanted a fully automatic machine and that he needed both the plastic net and films. So, based on his needs, Winnie recommended the fully automatic 70-model baler for silage, with the motor as a power system. Moreover, this machine is characterized by being double-wrapped and highly efficient. In the end, this Portuguese customer ordered two Model 70 baling and wrapping machines from us.

Reference to parameters of the silage baler and wrapper for sale

Silage baler machineModel: TS-70-70
Power: 11kw+0.75kw+3kw+0.37kw electric motor
Bale size: 70*70cm
Bale weight: 150-200kg/bale
Capacity: 35-75bales/h
Size: 4480*1870*1830mm
Weight: 1260kg
2 sets
Plastic netDiameter: 22cm
Length of roll: 50cm 
Weight: 11.4kg
Total length: 2000m
Packing size: 50*22*22cm

1 roll can bind about 270 silage bales
20 pcs
Length: 1800m
Packing: 1 roll/carton
Packing size: 27*27*27cm

if wrapped in 2 layers,1 roll of film can wrap about 80 silage bales, the silage can store for about 6 months.
if wrapped in 3 layers,1 roll of film can wrap about55 silage bales, the silage can store for about 8 months.
60 pcs