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Fully Automatic Silage Packing Machine Shipped to Burundi

The silage packing machine is a machine specially made for storing silage, which is suitable for all kinds of animal husbandry, silage mills, etc. These silages can be used for cattle, horses, sheep, etc. This silage baler and wrapper machine also has the advantages of very high efficiency and high automation. Feel free to contact us for more information!

Details of the communication on the silage packing machine ordered by the Burundi customer

In June 2022, a customer from Burundi was looking for a fully automatic baling and wrapping machine on Google. Then he saw our website and contacted us via WhatsApp and sent an inquiry about the silage baler machine.

Silage packing machine
silage packing machine

Our sales manager Winnie contacted the customer after receiving his inquiry. She learned that this Burundi customer is running a silage mill, selling various kinds of feeds to the local area, which is operating very well. Now he wanted to buy a machine to get better quality silage. So Winnie recommended our existing silage packing machine to him and sent him the model number, photos, and videos for his reference.

After reading the information, this Burundi customer preferred the fully automatic machine and wanted the diesel model, so the model 50 silage packing machine was confirmed. However, the customer requested to strictly follow the requirements in the process of machine production, and Winnie said he would definitely follow the negotiation between the two sides to determine.

Silage baling and wrapping machine
silage baling and wrapping machine

He ordered another batch of rope, plastic net, and film because it is necessary to use rope, plastic net, and film when baling and wrapping grass.

Machine parameters ordered by the Burundi customer

Fully automatic silage baler machineDiesel engine: 18hp
Bale size: Φ550*520mm
Baling speed: 60-65 piece/h, 5-6t/h
Machine size: 3520*1650*1650mm
Machine weight: 850kg
Bale weight: 65-100kg/bale
Bale density: 450-500kg/m³
Rope consumption: 2.5kg/t
Wrapping machine power: 1.1-3kw, 3 phase
Film wrapping speed: 13s for 2-layer film,19s for
3-layer film
1 set
Yarn Weight: 5kg
Length: 2500m
1 roll of yarn can bind about 85 silage bales
Packing : 6pcs/PP bag
Bag Packing size :62*45*27cm
2 pcs
Film Weight :10kg
Length : 1800m
Packing: 1 roll/carton
Packing size: 27*27*27cm
if wrapped 2 layers,1 roll of film can wrap about 80 silage bales, the silage can store for about 6 months.
if wrapped 3 layers,1 roll of film can wrap about 55 silage bales, the silage can store for about 8 months.
2 pcs
Plastic netDiameter: 22cm
Length of roll: 50cm 
Weight: 11.4kg
Total length: 2000m
Packing size: 50*22*22cm
1 roll can bind about 270 silage bales
2 pcs