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Electric Powered Silage Round Baler for Sale to Algeria

Our silage round baler for sale and automatic feeder are specially designed for baling of various silages. And it is loved by customers at home and abroad because of its good performance, good baling effect, and good quality. In February this year, a customer from Algeria ordered a set of baling and wrapping machine, silo, and other agricultural machinery from us.

Basic information about the Algerian client

He is the owner of an import company locally, often importing large amounts of machinery and equipment from abroad. This time it was in accordance with the procurement plan and started again with the purchase of related agricultural machinery.

Points that the Algerian client cares about the silage round baler for sale and other agricultural machinery

Silage round baler for sale with the feeder
silage round baler for sale with the feeder

How about the bearing for the silage baler machine? Is it easy to refuel?

How about the spare parts? I’m doing business, but no spare parts for the corn silage baler machine. If I buy many spare parts, give me the wholesale price, please.

Certificate of conformity, Certificate of origin, packing list, weight note, Certificate of free marketing, invoice, BL, all these certificates should be ready.

This customer also reminded that keep in mind no transshipment by Spain.

After paying, the client wants the machine to be delivered as soon as possible.

Machine list for the client from Algeria

No.PictureName & ParametersQTY
1Silage baler machine with feederSilage Baler
with the automatic cutting knife
And FEEDING BINS (Cuves d’alimentation )
Accessories: (for each baler)
Compressor: 1 pc , Plastic film: 1 pc
Hemp rope: 1 pc, Cart: 1 set
Toolbox: 1 set
8 sets
2Silage clampsSilage Clamps
5 sets
3Silage mowerSilage Mower9 sets
4Silage shredderSilage Shredder2 sets
Cutting Width(mm) : 1200
diesel engine 
2 sets

Spare parts list for the silage round baler for sale

Because he purchased the silage round baler for sale locally, he also bought lots of spare parts. Details are as follows:

1Bearing fl205 big balersBearing FL205 (big balers)20 pcs
2Sprocket big balersSprocket (big balers)58 pcs
3Air cylinder big balersAir Cylinder (big balers)2 pcs
4Roll and shaft big balersRoll and Shaft (big balers)29 pcs
5Air spring big balersAir spring (big balers)2 pcs
6Sprocket wheelSprocket wheel500 pcs
7Aluminum rollerAluminum Roller500 pcs
8Air springAir spring60 pcs
9Air cylinderAir cylinder20 pcs
10Oil water separatorOil-water separator30 pcs
11Conveyor beltConveyor belt70 pcs
12ChainChain10 pcs
13Special bearingSpecial bearing5 pcs
14BasementBasement20 pcs