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Supply of Silage Round Baler to Nigeria

Taizy silage round baler is an ideal machine to bundle and wrap the silage into a small round shape for the purpose of long storage and tasty silage feed. The silage baling and wrapping machine has different types, with high efficiency, a good wrapping effect, and great storage for silage feed. Thus, it’s prevailing in the livestock industry.

Reasons for buying the silage round baler by the Nigerian customer

Firstly, this customer himself is engaged in the silage business and he has a variety of silage for feed making, either for his own use or for local sale or export. His business is very large and he can use the machine to make silage feed for himself to use or sell it.

baled corn silage

Secondly, the Taizy silage baler machine works well. This customer also came to see our silage baling machine on the recommendation of his friend. Because his friend was using it well, he knew this Nigerian customer wanted a related machine and recommended it to him.

What specifically did this Nigerian customer buy from Taizy Agro?

The machine was definitely there because he wanted to do the baling and wrapping. But our silage round baler comes in two models overall, but each model has its specific configurations. This customer bought a TS-55-52 machine with diesel power, automatic bin opening with the air compressor, a trolley, and wrapping film by a hand torn.

Silage round baler
silage round baler

In addition to this, he also bought 30 bundles of twine and 10 bundles of wrapping film.