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4 sets of silage round balers for sale to Thailand dealer

On this occasion, we were fortunate enough to form a partnership with a customer who operates a local agricultural equipment company, and they purchased four of our silage round balers for sale, including two motor models and two diesel models. Let’s together see the case details!

Thailand dealer background

In Thailand, the silage market is showing strong growth as the livestock industry grows and demand for efficient agricultural practices increases. Farmers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of making and storing high-quality silage and as a result, the demand for silage baling and wrapping machine is growing.

The client, which operates an agricultural equipment company in Thailand, specializes in supplying a wide range of high-quality agricultural machinery to meet the needs of the local market. Their business covers a wide range of areas and they are now purchasing corn silage balers according to market demand.

Why choose Taizy silage round balers for sale?

As a distributor, this customer considered the following key factors when choosing a silage making machine supplier:

  • Technological leadership: Taizy silage round balers for sale stand out in the market for their advanced technology and superior performance, meeting the needs of Thai farmers for efficient and durable equipment.
  • Diversified products: We offer both electric and diesel-powered automatic balers, which enables dealers to provide diversified choices according to customers’ needs.
  • High-quality service: Taizy provides comprehensive technical support and after-sales service to ensure that dealers receive timely help and solutions in the process of selling and maintaining equipment.
Silage round balers for sale
silage round balers for sale

How to load and deliver silage baler to Thailand safely and securely?

Safety and security are the primary considerations when loading and transporting silage round balers for sale to Thailand. Ensure that the silage baling machine is correctly and securely fastened to the transport vehicle to prevent it from sliding or colliding during transport. When loading, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that all components are properly placed and protected.

During transport, choose a reputable logistics company and make sure they are aware of and comply with international shipping regulations and Thai import regulations. Provide a detailed cargo manifest and relevant documents such as invoices, packing lists and product manuals to facilitate customs clearance and avoid any potential delays.