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Set up a small fish feed making machine in Iraq for floating fish feed production

In the vibrant land of Iraq, aquaculture is entering a new phase of development. With the growing demand of local customers and the urgent need for high-quality fish feed, our advanced small fish feed making machine has been successfully stationed in Iraq and is running well there, opening up a new era of self-production of fish feed.

Small fish feed making machine
small fish feed making machine

Market demand and challenges

As a country with great potential for aquatic development, Iraq faces challenges such as feed dependence on imports and high costs. However, by introducing and putting into use our fish feed pellet mill, farmers can make full use of the abundant local resources to produce high-quality floating fish feed that meets the nutritional needs of fish according to local conditions.

Technical advantages of our small fish feed making machine

Our fish pellet mill adopts advanced expansion technology, which can efficiently convert raw materials such as corn, soybean meal and fish meal into nutritious and easily digestible pellet feed. The equipment is simple to operate, easy to maintain, and has a wide range of output adaptability (from 40kg to 1000kg per hour), which can flexibly meet the needs of farms of different sizes.

Installation and operation examples

Recently, a large-scale farm in Iraq successfully introduced our fish food pellet machine and has been put into stable operation. Feedback from users shows that the machine not only significantly reduces fish feed costs, but also improves the growth rate and health of fish, thus enhancing the overall economic benefits of the farm.

floating fish feed making machine is running in Iraq