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Running 15TPD small scale rice mill plant in Nigeria

We’re so glad to share that A Nigerian client successfully purchased a complete small scale rice mill plant for his new business. Our rice milling unit has the advantages of high efficiency, good performance, log service life and low maintainence cost. So, it’s popular in the world.

Small scale rice mill plant
small scale rice mill plant

Background of the Nigerian client

Andrew, a Nigerian-Chinese student, is from northern Nigeria, where agriculture is well-developed and food harvests are plentiful; Andrew’s parents are farmers in the area and the family owns a lot of land. While Andrew was studying in Tianjin, he gained a deep understanding of China’s advanced agricultural technology and equipment. He realized that if he could introduce an advanced small scale rice mill plant, he could process his family’s grain efficiently and increase the production value.

Attractive features of small scale rice mill plant

This set of rice milling machine line adopts advanced technology and is able to process grain into high-quality white rice. Andrew was so satisfied that he decided to install the rice milling unit in his hometown after returning to China.

Complete rice mill plant
complete rice mill plant

In addition, our rice mill plant has competitive prices because of integrated into manufacturing and supplying under the same machine quality.

Also, he had a forwarder friend in Tianjin who helped him to ship the small scale rice mill plant back to Nigeria. With the help of his forwarder friend, the rice milling unit arrived in Andrew’s hometown smoothly.

Rice mill plant factory visit

Before purchasing, he and his family came to China to visit our factory.

Machine list for Nigeria

complete rice milling plant machineryCapacity:15TPD/24H (600-800kg/h)
Power:45.6 kw
with 1 year necessary spare parts for free
1 set
machine list for Nigeria