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T3 Corn Grits Machine Exported to Angola

T3 corn grits machine is a machine that can produce corn flour and grits with a capacity of 300-400 kg per hour. In addition to that, this corn grinder machine has a cyclone, which will work in a cleaner working environment. Therefore it is popular at home and abroad. In October this year, a customer from Angola ordered a 300-400 kg per hour maize grits grinding machine from us.

Basic information of the Angolan customer

This Angolan customer specializes in the production of various types of maize flour grits and has his own workshop. Now he wants a maize grits machine to improve his business and we have just such a machine, so he contacted us.

Order details of the corn grits machine – the Angolan customer

Corn grits machine
corn grits machine

After receiving his inquiry, our sales manager Winnie introduced the machine to him. During the conversation, she learned that the customer had his own production plant and wanted a production capacity of 200-400 kg per hour, so she recommended the T3 model specifically for him. And it was indicated that this machine has a cyclone, which is a good working environment when working.

But the Angolan customer said he wanted a diesel model, and Winnie explained that the only diesel model of the Taizy maize grits machine is the T1 model, but it only has a capacity of 200 kg per hour. Our T3 model has two motors and can do both peeling and grits at the same time, which greatly improves efficiency.

After consideration, the Angolan customer ordered the T3 corn grits machine with an additional set of accessories.

Corn grits machine parapmeters

Corn grits flour milling machineModel: T3                                           
Power: 7.5kw +4kw
Voltage: 240v, 50hz, 3-phase
Capacity: 300-400 kg/h
Size: 1400*2300*1300 mm
Weight: 680 kg
1 set
Spare parts/1 set