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KMR-78 Vegetable Nursery Seeder Machine Sold to Qatar

Breaking news! One customer from Qatar ordered 1 set of the manual vegetable nursery seeder machine from Taizy. It is worth mentioning that this customer was looking for a nursery machine for his client. He saw the WhatsApp dynamics of the nursery seeder machine we sent and took the initiative to contact us.

Clarifications of the vegetable nursery seeder machine for the Client

During the communication process, this Qatar client had some things to understand clearly, as follows. And our professional, Winnie, answered one by one.

Vegetable nursery seeder machine
vegetable nursery seeder machine

1. Please send the product catalog if you have or you can send the product’s complete specifications.

I will make them in one PDF document, and attach it with the email for your reference.

2. What is Power mentioned in the price list? please mention.

Power is the air compressor. Machines need to be connected to an air compressor to work.
You can buy an air compressor from us. You can also buy it in your country. And here is enclosed the detailed working video. Please check.

3. Clarify Cells as our client is asking 128 Cell Automatic and you are providing 200 Tray/Hour, please clarify.

128cells black tray can use in our machine. 200trays per hour is our machine’s capacity.
That means our machine can process about 200pcs 128cells trays per hour.

4. How to ensure the toolkit and suction needles are with the machine?

When we send the machine out, we will put the toolkit and suction needles together with the machine. Don’t worry. I will send you pictures before and after the packaging for your confirmation.

Parameters of KMR-78 nursery seeding machine for Qatar

Nursery seeding machineModel: KMR-78
Capacity: 200trays/hour
Size: 1050*650*1150mm
Weight: 68kg
material: carbon steel
128cells tray
1 set

Notes to the vegetable nursery seeder machine:

  1. Payment Term: TT 30% as deposit paid in advance, 70% as balance paid before shipping upon receiving the copy of BL.
  2. Delivery Time: Around 15 working days after receiving your payment.
  3. Warranty: Except for wearing parts, man-made damage, and improper operation, all equipment is guaranteed for one year and online technical support is provided for lifelong.