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Taizy vegetable nursery seeding machine for Russia lettuce seedling

A Russian import and export company needed to carry out large-scale lettuce nursery work, but traditional nursery methods were inefficient and labor-intensive. In the process of searching for a solution, they learned about the Taizy vegetable nursery seeding machine and became interested in its high efficiency, precision and labor-saving features. At the same time, they also wanted to add water to the nursery soil and needed conveyors and watering equipment to improve efficiency.

Vegetable nursery seeding machine type and customization

After in-depth communication with Taizy’s sales team, the customer chose model 78-2, which is suitable for lettuce seedling nursery, and put forward his special needs: watering function, mixing substrate soil, and feeding of substrate soil. The Taizy team provided a full set of solutions according to the customer’s needs, including automatic nursery seeding machine with watering part, mixer and conveyor, as well as customized services to ensure that all the equipment can meet the customer’s planting requirements.

Seeds sowing requirements
seeds sowing requirements

The specific solution is shown below:

Nursery seedling machineNursery Seedling Machine
Model:KMR-78-2 with watering part
Capacity:550-600trays/hour the speed of the tray can be adjusted
Principle:Electrical and air compressor
System:Automatic photoelectric counting system
Material:Stainless steel
Voltage:220V /110V 600w
Size for seed:0.2- 15mm
width of tray : 540mm
Size:5600*800* 1600mm
1 pc
Power:5.5Kw+5.5Kw electric motor
Size:2.6* 1.15* 1. 12m
Extra 2 sets of sheave and belt
1 pc
Power: 370w
Material : stainless steel
Size : 3000*500*350mm
Weight : 120kg
1 pc
solution for Russia

Use effect of the vegetable nursery seeding machine in Russia

After using our automatic tray seeder machine and supporting equipment, the customer expressed great satisfaction with the performance of the equipment.

  • Efficient seedling raising: Taizy nursery seedling raising machine can quickly and accurately complete the seeding and seedling raising of lettuce seeds, which greatly improves the working efficiency and saves labour cost.
  • Easy conveying: The conveyor can easily convey the substrate soil into the nursery machine, reducing the labour intensity and work risk of manual handling.
  • Precise watering: Watering equipment is incorporated in the rear part of the nursery machine, which can accurately control the amount and frequency of watering according to the preset parameters, ensuring the growth quality and yield of lettuce seedlings.

After-sales service and support offered to Russia

In the process of using the vegetable nursery seeding machine, the customer encountered some operation and maintenance problems, and the Taizy team provided timely technical support and after-sales service to help the customer solve the problems and ensure the normal operation of the machine. The customer is highly satisfied with our after-sales service.