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Watermelon seed extractor solves the needs of New Zealand health products company

A New Zealand company specializing in the production of nutraceuticals was faced with the need to extract seeds from watermelons. To solve this problem, the company chose a Taizy diesel-engined watermelon seed extractor. This machine is highly regarded in the market for its high efficiency and reliability, and meets the customer’s stringent requirements for equipment performance.

Watermelon seed extractor
watermelon seed extractor

What attracts the client to choose Taizy watermelon seed extractor for New Zealand?

  • Adaptation to local needs: The simple design and ease of operation of the Taizy pumpkin seed harvester allowed the customer to get up to speed quickly. The diesel engine drive ensures the machine can be used flexibly in different situations, especially adapting to the local working environment in New Zealand.
  • Improving production efficiency: The introduction of the pumpkin seed extractor has significantly increased the company’s productivity. Not only is the mechanized process faster than traditional seed extraction, but it also maintains the integrity of the pumpkin watermelon seeds, ensuring the quality of the nutraceuticals. This is a major breakthrough for the company, enabling it to better meet market demand.
  • Environmental protection and sustainability: Mechanised seed extraction is a more environmentally friendly process that reduces reliance on human labor and reduces energy waste. This fits in with the overall atmosphere of New Zealand as a country that places a high value on sustainability.

Machine list for New Zealand

Pumpkin Seeds HarvesterDimension: 2500×2000×1800 mm
Weight: 400kg
Capacity ≥500 kg/h wet pumpkin seeds
Cleaning rate: ≥85%
Breaking rate: ≤5%
Power: 17Hp diesel engine
1 pc
machine list for New Zealand

Client’s achievements

After purchasing the watermelon seed extractor, the customer quickly put it into use. By using Taizy’s pumpkin seed extraction machine, this New Zealand health food company has improved its productivity while demonstrating its commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development. The overall savings in production costs have resulted in considerable profitability. The customer said that they would work with us again if needed in the future.

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