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What is the working principle of peanut shelling machine?

As an enterprise focusing on the research, development and manufacturing of machinery and equipment for processing agricultural products, Taizy deeply understands the pain points and needs of the peanut processing industry and is committed to providing innovative and efficient peanut shelling solutions. With advanced working principle, scientific shelling steps and rich product types, the peanut shelling machine has successfully helped many peanut processing enterprises to achieve the improvement of production efficiency and product quality assurance.

Working principle of peanut shelling machine
working principle of peanut shelling machine

This news will introduce in detail the working principle of peanut shelling machine, shelling steps and different types of products of Taizy groundnut shelling and cleaning machine , aiming to provide practical information reference for peanut processing industry and help enterprises to stand out in the fierce market competition.

Working principle of peanut shelling machine

The working principle of peanut shelling machine is based on the combination of mechanical power and physical friction. When the peanut enters the shelling machine, the rotor inside the machine starts to rotate at high speed, generating strong centrifugal force and impact force. At the same time, friction is formed between the fixed parts of the shelling machine and the rotating parts, and this friction will make the peanut shell separate from the kernel.

Shelling steps of groundnuts

Based on the working principle of peanut shelling machine, the steps are shown below:


The peanuts are fed evenly into the feeding hopper of the peanut shelling unit manually or through conveying equipment.

Preliminary cleaning

Cleaning machine

Deal with impurities among peanuts through the cleaning machine for better peanut shelling.

Preliminary crushing

The peanut’s shell begins to break under the impact and friction of the rotor.

Shell-kernel separation

This is the purpose of peanut shelling machine. Broken peanut shell is separated from the kernel in continuous mechanical movement.


Separate shelled peanut kernels from the remaining shell fragments by means of screens.


Peanut kernels after shelling and screening are discharged from the discharge port of the machine.

Available types of Taizy peanut shellers for sale

Based on the working principle of peanut shelling machine, Taizy peanut shelling units are available in four models for customers to choose from, each of which is optimized for different production scales and peanut processing needs. These units are popular in the market for their high efficiency, stability and durability. Benefits include but are not limited to, high shelling rates, low breakage rates, ease of operation and maintenance, and adaptability to handle a wide range of peanut sizes.

Peanut shelling machine manufacturer
peanut shelling machine manufacturer

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