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200kg/h Corn Grits Making Machine Exported to America

The maize grits machine is very powerful because you can get three final products. And maize is a very widely grown crop in the world and is one of the staple foods of the world’s population. That’s why the market for this maize grits making machine is also very wide. Investing in this industry will bring you good profits. Not only is the raw material for maize available everywhere, but the final product is also a necessity for people’s lives. Last month, we exported a corn grits making machine to America.

Maize grits grinding machine
maize grits grinding machine

Order Details

Last month our sales manager Winnie received an inquiry from a customer in the USA about a maize grits machine. This customer has a factory in Cuba and works with corn production. His request was for the corn grits making machine to be shipped to America.

After understanding his requirements, Winnie presented him with photos of the machine, its performance, parameters, advantages of the machine, etc. Winnie then sent him a working video of the machine, together with examples of our previous successes. After reading the relevant information, the American customer was more interested in the T1 model of the corn grits machine. So he enquired further about the configuration of the grits machine such as motor, voltage, etc. Winnie then explained in detail. Finally the American customer placed his order.

Order detail-corn grits making machine
order detail-corn grits making machine

Advantages of Maize Grits Milling Machine

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of agricultural machinery, our maize grits milling machine offers distinct advantages.

  1. Diverse types. Taizy grits machines have five types of grits machines, each with its own advantages and characteristics, and if you need advice, our professionals will provide you with a viable solution.
  2. Adjustable proportions of the finished product. Although there are three final products, the grits system can be adjusted to your needs.
  3. CE certificate. Our corn grits grinding machines are certified to meet international standards for the manufacture of machines with a higher standard.

Why Choose Taizy Corn Grinding Machine?

  1. Our company is a manufacture and trade company, and the price is at cost, so we have a very competitive price.
  2. Professional staff. Our staff are very familiar with our products and can provide professional advice and solutions according to the needs of our customers.
  3. Diverse product types. Our company not only has corn grits making machines, but also multifunctional threshing machines, maize seeding machines, seedling machines, transplanting machines, peanut machines, oil presses, etc. All types of machines are available. You can buy all the products you need at once from our Taizy company.