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Export 6YL-60 automatic oil extraction machine to Zambia

Congratulations! In August 2023, one Zambian client bought an automatic oil extraction machine from Taizy. Our screw oil press is widely used for various materials for oil extraction, especially peanuts. So, this client contacted us and sent an inquiry about the oil extraction machine.

Automatic oil extraction machine
automatic oil extraction machine

Background of Zambian client

The Zambian client is seeking to venture into peanut processing. With a goal to enhance agricultural and processing capabilities, he is interested in optimizing peanut-related operations to meet market demands and expand his business opportunities.

Taizy automatic oil extraction machine’s advantages

Taizy’s automatic peanut oil extraction machine offers unparalleled efficiency and convenience. With its advanced technology, it ensures optimal oil yield while preserving the nutritional value of the extracted oil.

Fully automatic screw oil extraction machine
fully automatic screw oil extraction machine

This machine is user-friendly, reducing labor and time requirements. Its versatility allows the processing of various oilseeds, making it a versatile choice for different applications. Taizy’s oil extraction machine empowers users to produce high-quality oil effortlessly and efficiently.

Machine list for Zambia

Screw oil press machine pi
screw oil press machine PI

Looking forward to more orders from Zambia!

If you’re in the related business and interested in automatic oil extraction machine, contact us for more details!