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Automatic Groundnut Oil, Sunflower Oil Making Machine

Automatic Groundnut Oil, Sunflower Oil Making Machine

Product Parameters

Model 6YL-70
Screw dia. φ70mm
Screw speed 37r/min
Motor power 3kW
Capacity 45-70kg/h
Weight 320kg
Size 1450*870*1180mm
Model 6YL-100
Screw dia. Φ100mm
Screw speed 37r/min
Motor power 7.5kW
Capacity 150-230kg/h
Weight 1100kg
Size 1800*1200*1550mm
Model 6YL-125
Screw dia. Φ125mm
Screw speed 35r/min
Motor power 15kW
Capacity 300-400kg/h
Weight 1500kg
Size 2300*1300*2200mm
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Groundnut oil making machine is processing raw materials like groundnut to edible oil. Raw materials for this groundnut oil press machine can be soybeans, cotton seeds, rapeseed, sunflower seed, etc. Generally speaking, this oil extraction machine is hot pressed. Hot pressing means frying in a wok before pressing the oil. Its advantage is high oil yield and oily fragrance. Also, this automatic multi-purpose screw peanut oil press extractor machine for sale has different capacities based on the models. We also have combined groundnut sheller for sale. Welcome to contact us for more clarifications! 

Features of Groundnut Oil Processing Machine 

  • Compact structure, reliable brand, easy operation.
  • High oil yield, benefiting to your business.
  • The groundnut oil making machine is equipped with the vacuum filter, getting more high-quality edible oil.
  • High quality, stable performance, long service life.
  • Screw is three-grade press, putting materials one time and getting the final edible oil.

Structure of Groundnut Oil Extraction

Overall, the structure is simple. It mainly consists of five parts: electrical control part, heating and pressing part, adjustment part, transmission part, and vacuum oil filter. For one the groundnut oil making machine, the electrical control part controls the circuit of the whole machine. The heating and pressing part is the core, which mainly turns the material into edible oil. The adjustment and transmission part is also indispensable part. The vacuum oil filter part mainly filters the edible oil through the vacuum.

Structure of groundnut oil processing machine
structure of groundnut oil processing machine
1. temperature regulator7. feed inlet
2. smoke vent8. adjustment section
3. power distribution cabinet9. heating element
4. oiling position10. oil out part
5. reducer11. press part
6. motor12. vacuum oil filter

What Materials is Suitable for Peanut Oil Press Machine?

This integrated peanut oil press machine is proper for soybean, peanut, cottonseed, rapeseed, sunflower seed, pepper seed. So, we call it sunflower oil making machine, cottonseed oil press, too. This high-efficiency oil press machine’s price varies. For details, please contact us for consultation.


Oil Extraction Raw Material Parameters

Due to the different oil content of oil varieties, plus the difference in operation technology and oil pretreatment, the data in the above table is for reference only.

Raw materialsOil extraction rateResidual oil rate in oil cake

How to do Extraction of Oil from Groundnut Seed?

Actually, this groundnut oil making machine is a screw oil press, having screw shaft for oil press. So, it’s to squeeze oil through screw extrusion. The extracted oil is filtered through a vacuum filter, resulting in a clear, usable oil. The oil can be eaten directly and has a shelf life of about one year.


Groundnut Oil Making Machine with Roaster Machine

Because this machine is hot press oil machine, the raw materials should be hot before coming to the expeller. According to this characteristic, commonly collocate one roaster machine with the automatic peanut machine to make edible oil.

Oil extraction with the roaster machine
oil extraction with the roaster machine
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