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9FQ-500 Chicken Feed Grinder Sold to Sierra Leone

Congratulations! One client from Sierra Leona ordered 1 set of 9FQ-500 chicken feed grinder from Taizy. Our 9FQ crusher is a common feed processing equipment that can crush corn, wheat, soybeans and other materials into feed to improve feed utilization and production efficiency. The equipment has a simple structure, is easy to operate, and can meet the processing needs of chicken farms.

Why did the customer from Sierra Leone buy the 9FQ chicken feed grinder?

In recent years, the chicken farm industry in Sierra Leone has been growing rapidly and the market demand is increasing. This customer also has a chicken farm with 3000 chickens, so he wanted to buy a high-efficiency 9FQ grinder machine for chicken feed production and production.

Our 9FQ is just right for the customer’s needs and is produced at the factory with strict quality checks. When the machine is ready, we send it to Guangzhou and this customer’s agent will arrange to ship the chicken feed grinder directly to the customer’s chicken farm in Sierra Leone.

Machine list for the client from Sierra Leona

Hammer mill machineHammer Mill Machine
Model: 9FQ -500
Power: 15 HP diesel engine
Hammer:24 pcs
Weight:150 kg
1 set
machine parameters for the client in Sierra Leona

Notes: This customer has an agent in Yiwu, China, and can pay in full in RMB. Also, he requested to deliver the 9FQ milling machine to Guangzhou.