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9FQ Hammer Mill Grinder

9fq hammer mill grinder

Product Parameters

Model 9FQ-360
Power 5.5kW
Power 8HP
Weight 120kg
Capacity 150kg/h
Hammer 24pcs
Dia of sieve 0.5-5mm
Package size 1100*600*1200mm
Installation size with cyclone and motor 500*300*600mm
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This hammer mill grinder is a multifunctional crusher, as long as dry materials, such as corn, soybeans, peanut seedlings, dry straw, etc. The output is from 100 kg per hour to 3 tons per hour, with a wide range of capacity and adaptability. In addition, this 9FQ machine can use both electric motor and diesel engine power. So, if you are interested in this machine, welcome to contact us!

Hot Sale 9FQ Hammer Mill Grinder

Taizy hammer mill for sale contains a variety of types and varies in output size.

Hammer mill for sale-9fq-320

Hammer mill for sale-9FQ-320

This type of corn grinder has a capacity of 100kg per hour, and the electric motor and diesel engine both are avaialble.

If you want this model, you need to order in bulk, because we only produce this one by mass.

Hammer mill machine-9FQ-360

9FQ-360 is very popular in the international market, can crush the corns, straws, and others into the fine powder, as meals or animal feed. It has a capacity of 150kg per hour.

Hammer mill machine
Commercial hammer mill crusher

Commercial hammer mill crusher-9FQ-420

The hammer mill grinder has the 1800mm high cyclone, of course, the diesel engine is also applicable. It has the capacity of 400kg per hour for crushing corns and 200kg/h for grinding into powder.

Hammer mill crusher-9FQ-500

Generally speaking, this type always uses the diesel engine, because its output is 500kg/h. Besides, it also uses the frame and tires. Thus, it’s very popular in the African area.

Hammer mill crusher
Hammer mill feed grinder

Hammer mill feed grinder-9FQ-600

When choosing this kind, you can choose the diesel engine or electric motor. What’s more, the frame and tires are also optional. Its output is 1000kg/h.

Corn grinder-9FQ-750

From the picture, we can see that this machine can use the diesel engine set. It has a capacity of 1500kg/h.

Corn grinder
Hammer mill pulverizer

Hammer mill pulverizer-9FQ-1000

9FQ-1000 has a large output of 3000kg per hour. It can meet your mass production.

Applications of the Hammer Mill Grinder

Because of the multifucntional hammer mill, this machine can crush the wheat, beans, maize/corn, dry grass, peanut shells, dry corn stalks, peanut seedlings, etc. If you have any doubts, welcome to get in touch with us immediately!

Applications of the hammer mill grinder
applications of the hammer mill grinder

Electric Hammer Mill Structure

Its structure is very simple. The hammer mill crusher is composed of the inlet, outlet, screen cyclone, motor/diesel engine. For the power source, you can choose what you want.

Electric hammer mill structure
electric hammer mill structure

Advanatges of the Hammer Mill Feed Grinder

  1. Simple structure, easy operation, and stable performance.
  2. Wide applications, because id the big inlet.
  3. Large capacity, from 100kg per hour to 3t per hour.
  4. Hammer is the main part in the structure, different capacities have the different hammers.
  5. The screen: 1mm-3mm, 4cm, 5cm. Definitely, if you want many hammermills, we can customize the screen and the hammer mill grinder for you.

Consumable Parts of the Hammer Mill for Sale

For Taizy hammer mill grinder, there are three wearing parts, namely, belts, screens, hammer blades.

If the belt is loose, you can move the motor, and then tighten.

The screen and hammer naturally wear and tear within a year, we can provide free of charge, but you (customer) should pay the courier costs.

Successful Case: 9FQ-500 Diesel Engine Corn Grinder Exported to Niegria

The Nigerian client was working on a government tender project, mainly for local needs. From the time we received the project, we read through and carefully studied the machine requirements. We strictly followed the requirements of the tender to provide the relevant machine information, and every single item met the requirements. As a result, the Nigerian customer purchased the machine from us, Taizy.

Loading diesel engine 9fq-500
loading diesel engine 9FQ-500

Technical Parameters of the Multifunctional Hammer Mill Crusher

ModelPower  (kW)Power(HP)Weight(kg)Capacity(kg/h)HammerDia of sievePackage size (mm) Installation size (mm )with cyclone and motor 

Working Video of 9FQ Corn Grain Crusher Machine


Q1: What power is available for the 9FQ hammer mill grinder?

A1: Gasoline engine, eletric motor, and diesel engine.

Q2: What is the capacity?

A2: Its capacity is very large, from 100kg/h to 3t/h.

Q3: How fine can the material be crushed?

A3: Depends on the screen you choose and how fine you need. The screen is 1mm-3cm, 4cm, and 5cm. If you have special demands, you can contact us for details!