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15tpd commercial rice milling machine sent to Cube

An intermediary customer from Cuba needed to purchase a 15TPD rice milling unit for his end customer. The end customer’s goal was to produce 100% white rice with 98% whole white rice.

Solution: factory visit and equipment selection

Factory tour

To ensure that the equipment would meet the requirements, the customer visited our factory in person.

rice mill factory visit

During the factory tour, we introduced in detail the workflow and technical features of the commercial rice milling machine unit. The customer was satisfied with our equipment and factory management level.

Solution to power problems

The end customer uses single-phase electricity, while our rice milling unit requires three-phase electricity. We provided two solutions for the customer:

  • Switch to three-phase electricity locally.
  • Purchase a diesel engine version.

After careful consideration, the customer finally chose the solution of switching to three-phase electricity locally.

Final order confirmation

After solving the power problem, the customer was very satisfied with the configuration of our 15TPD commercial rice milling machine and formally confirmed the order. We promise to complete the production of the equipment in a short time and carry out strict quality inspections.

15tpd rice mill plant
15tpd rice mill plant

Packing and transportation

In order to ensure the safe arrival of the equipment, we packaged the equipment firmly, using shockproof materials and wooden boxes. Subsequently, we arrange efficient logistics and transportation services to ensure that the equipment can be delivered to our Cuban customers in a safe and timely manner.

Equipment arrival and installation

After the safe arrival of the equipment, the customer highly appreciated the packaging and transportation of the commercial rice milling machine plant. We provided detailed installation instructions to ensure that the customer could install and debug the equipment smoothly.

Customer review

After the successful operation of the equipment, the end customer expressed great satisfaction with the performance of the rice milling unit. The machine not only efficiently produced 100% white rice, but also achieved an intact white rice rate of 98%, which fully met the customer’s expectations.

The customer highly appreciated our equipment quality and after-sales service. They especially appreciated our professional support in solving the power problem, which enabled the equipment to run smoothly.