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15TPD Rice Mill Plant

15tpd rice mill plant

Product Parameters

Machine name Elevator
Model TDTG18/07
Machine name Destoner
Model ZQS50
Power 0.75kw
Machine name Bowler
Model 4-72
Power 0.75kw
Machine name Double elevator
Model TDTG18/07*2
Machine name Rice husker
Model LG15
Power 4kw
Machine name Paddy rice separator
Model MGCZ70*5
Power 0.75kw
Machine name Rice milling machine
Model NS150
Power 15kw
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15TPD rice mill plant is a small-scale whole rice processing plant, producing 15t per day. It’s a mini rice milling machine that can produce 600-700kg per hour,  functioning raw paddy into milled white rice. It is a fully automatic rice mill plant, completing the procedures of destoning, husking, screening, and milling. Besides, the rice milling plant has reasonable structure, super quality, and high work efficiency. Also, it has economical design and high technical skills and is a complete rice processing plant. If you’re interested in the rice milling plant, please contact us and we’ll offer solutions to you based on your actual demands.

Working Flow of 15TPD Automatic Rice Mill Plant

Firstly, feed the raw paddy rice.

Secondly, through the elevator, raw paddy rice reaches the destoner.

Thirdly, destoned paddy rice gets to the rice husker by the double elevator.

Fourthly, husked rice needs to go through the rice separator by the double elevator.

Fifthly, after the rice separator, three kinds(brown rice, brown rice and paddy rice, paddy rice) are divided. Brown rice continues to the rice miller, while brown rice and paddy rice go back to the separator through the double elevator. Paddy rice comes back to rice husker.

Sixthly, the rice milling machine will grind the brown rice, and make the satisfied white rice.

Seventhly, the white rice will come to the rice screen, screening the broken rice and finally get the white rice.

Structure of 15t Mini Rice Mill Plant for Sale

This rice processing plant consists of elevator, destoner, rice husker, gravity paddy rice separator, rice milling machine, and rice screen.

Structure of 15tpd rice milling plant
structure of 15TPD rice milling plant

Elevator no.1: elevating the raw paddy rice to the destoner.

Elevator no.2: two elevators inside, one elevating the destoning paddy rice to the rice husker, another elevating the husking paddy rice to the separator.

Destoner: removing the stone and impurity of the paddy rice.

Rice husker: removing the rice husk.

Paddy rice separator: classifying the impurity of rice.

Rice milling machine: grinding brown rice into white rice.

Rice screen: screening the broken rice, getting the good white rice.

Advantages of 15T Complete Rice Mill Plant

  • Complete set of rice milling machine, fully automatic rice production line, less power consumption.
  • High quality, low broken rate.
  • Modern technology, nice performance.
  • High working efficiency, high output.
  • Compact structure, affordable price.


Q: What is the milling rate?

A: 68%-72%. Compared to others, our Taizy company machines have the unique advantage of the milling rate.

Q: Which are the wearing parts?

A: Rubber roller, sieving slice, mound layer, emery roller, conveyor’s head.