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T1 Corn Grinding Machine Bought by Tanzanian Customer

Our corn grinding machine is a machine that can be used to produce corn grits and corn flour. There are five types of such corn grits machines in Taizy, each with its own advantages and characteristics. Recently, a customer from Tanzania bought one of our hot selling T1 model corn grits making machine from us.

Why did this Tanzanian customer buy a corn grinding machine?

This customer had a large amount of corn and wanted to process it to increase his profit, so he wanted to find a machine that could process it. Through research, he found that there is a huge market for maize flour and grits, with a large daily consumption, and this customer also had maize on hand, so he wanted to buy a maize grits machine for his maize processing business.

finished products

Details of the corn grinding machine that the Tanzanian customer wanted to know

What is the power of the machine? What are the advantages respectively?

What are the wear and tear parts of the machine?

What is the fineness of the grits that can be ground?

These are just a few of the many questions this customer wanted to know, more detailed answers(FAQs of the corn grits machine) are available for your reference.

Corn grits making machine
corn grits making machine

What did this customer gain after using the machine?

After receiving the corn grinding machine, it started to use production and quickly opened up the market in the local area. In a few months, it has already reached the break-even, and from the fourth month, it has started to make profits.