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Taizy 3-row corn planter for sale helps Kenyan maize farming

As a local farmer, the Kenyan customer is facing the challenges of increasing demand for maize planting and labor shortage. In order to improve planting efficiency and reduce labor costs, he chose Taizy’s 3-row corn planter, which is driven by a tractor for large-scale planting of maize.

3-row corn planter for sale
3-row corn planter for sale

Machine features of Taizy 3-row corn planter for sale

Our 3-row corn planter combines advanced technology and reliable design with the following key features:

  • Efficient seeding: Driven by tractor power, the machine is able to complete the corn seeding task quickly and evenly, improving the seeding efficiency.
  • Precise positioning: The machine is equipped with a precise positioning system to ensure that the corn seeds are planted at the correct depth and spacing, which improves the planting quality.
  • Flexible adjustment: Depending on the soil and planting requirements, the planter can be flexibly adjusted to meet the planting requirements of different farms in terms of seeding depth and spacing.
  • Simple operation: Taizyr’s corn planter for sale is simple to operate and easy to learn. You can be skillful in operation through simple training, which saves training cost and time and improves working efficiency.
Maize planter driven by tractor
maize planter driven by tractor

How is the maize planter performing in Kenya?

The customer put our 3-row corn planter for sale into use and achieved remarkable results. The planting efficiency has been greatly improved and the planting quality has been guaranteed, which has injected new vitality into the agricultural production.

Feedback video from Kenya

After commissioning, our Kenyan customer was very satisfied with our maize planter and sent us a feedback video!

corn planter machine feedback video from Kenya

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