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Tractor Driven Corn Seeder for Maize Sowing

Tractor driven corn seeder for maize sowing

Product Parameters

Model 2BYFSF-3
Structural style Suspesion
Power 18.3~36.7kW
Oversize 1595*1590*1200mm
Working speed range 0.56~1.39m/s
Capacity 0.3~0.45hm2/hhm2/h
Row spacing 50~62cm
Working rows 3
Working width 150~126cm
Seedbox volume 8.5*3L
Fertilization volume 195L
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The corn seeder is mainly used for seed sowing with fertilizing, like corn, sorghum, beans, peanuts, etc., driven by the tractor. Our corn row planter features precision, a combination of seed sowing and fertilization and multiple-row seed drills available.

One thing to pay attention, this maize planter is different from the hand corn planter, which works together with the tractor. It is mainly used for uncultivated or cultivated land.

In addition, sowing and fertilization can be carried out at the same time. Besides, processes such as ditching and fertilizing, ditching for seeds, sowing, soil covering, and suppression can be completed at one time.

Our corn seed planter machine with fertilizer is exported to countries such as El Salvador, Nigeria, Philippines, Pakistan, etc. If you have any interest, welcome to contact us at any time.

working video of maize planter

Multiple Rows Corn Seeder Planter for Sale

As a professional agricultural manufacturer and supplier, the tractor-mounted corn planters we can offer are multi-rows. So, we provide 2-row corn seeder, 4-row maize planter, etc. From 2 rows to 8 rows, or even more rows, as long as it is your need, we will make it for you.

We list common rows of corn planters for your reference.

Our corn planter not only offers standard configuration, but also special personalized customization service to meet the diversified farmland operation needs of different customers. We can add a series of practical functions to the basic corn planter according to your actual needs:

Rotary ploghing function: Equipped with advanced rotary ploughing device, it can complete the loosening and crushing operation of the land in one go before sowing, creating a good growing environment for the seeds.

Expanding seed box capacity: According to your demand, we can increase the volume of the seed box, to carry out precise seed application at the same time as fertilizing, improve seed utilization and help crops grow efficiently.

Disc seed drill: The adoption of a precision disc seeder ensures that seeds are sown into the soil uniformly and at the same depth, improving seedling emergence rate and neatness.

Customized fertilizer system: Optimize and improve the design of the fertilizer system to achieve precise and controllable variable fertilizer application, combined with intelligent control technology, to ensure that each seed receives the right amount of nutrient supply.

Tilling function: If deep tilling is required, we can provide matching deep tilling ploughs, so that the corn planter can also have the function of tilling, which can comprehensively solve the problem of integrating the farming operation from tilling to sowing.

Mulching function: Equipped with mulching equipment, the planting and mulching operations can be completed simultaneously, which can effectively retain heat and moisture, inhibit the growth of weeds, and significantly improve the efficiency of corn planting.

Technical Parameters of Maize Planter Machine

Structural styleSuspensionSuspensionSuspensionSuspensionSuspension
Power (kW)18.3~36.718.3~36.736.8~110.344.1~110.373.5~133
Working speed range (m/s)0.56~1.390.56~1.390.56~1.390.56~1.390.56~1.39
Row spacing (cm)50~6250~6250~6250~6250~62
Working rows34568
Working width (cm)150~126200~248250~310300~372400~496
Seedbox volume (L)8.5*38.5*418*518*618*8
Fertilization volume (L)195260325390520
technical data of multi-row corn seeder for sale

Structure of Corn Seed Planting Machine

The corn and bean seeder consists of five major parts: frame, anti-tangle fertilization opener, seeding, transmission system, and fertilizing bucket. The anti-winding opener is installed on the front beam of the frame through the U-shaped wire and the fertilization fixing seat. The seeding is installed on the rear beam of the frame. The fertilizing bucket is installed on the front beam of the frame.

Structure of maize planter for tractor
structure of maize planter for tractor

Wide Applications of Corn Planter Seeder

According to the machine characteristics, corn, soybeans, sorghum, and mung beans all are available. The seed shape similar to the corn applies to this maize planter machine, such as sweet corn.

Application-corn seeder for tractor
application-corn seeder for tractor

Highlights of 3 Point Corn Seeder

  • The seed metering device has high sowing precision, and the qualified index of grain number reaches more than 80%.
  • It can adopt high-speed operation. When the plant spacing is not less than 20 cm, the operating speed can reach 8 km/h.
  • The precise distance between the holes, evenly distributed corn seedlings, small competition, fully exerted individual advantages, vigorous crops growth, and high yield.
  • With the copying function, the corn planter can move with the ground. Also, the maize seed planter can maintain a certain seeding depth when the plot is undulating.
  • The transmission shafts of each row are connected into one, unified driving, and the speed is the same. Even if the ground wheel of one row slips occasionally, it will not affect the normal sowing of the row.
  • The seeder machine can change the plant spacing through the only gearbox, which can produce 16 kinds of plant spacing. As long as changing the transmission ratio of the gearbox, the plant spacing of each row can be changed.
  • The gearbox operating lever can control the radial pendulum and axial movement of the pendulum wheel at the same time. It’s quick and convenient to operate. All gears of the gearbox are made of high-quality steel and subjected to carburizing treatment.
  • A large-displacement fertilizer discharge box is selected, and the fertilizer pipe is thickened, and the maximum fertilizer discharge per mu can reach 140 kg.

What is the Function of Tractor Mounted Corn Seeder ?

Its main function is to precision sow. And the maize sowing machine is also for the soybeans, corns, beans, and sorghum. The maize seeder can achieve precision sowing. What’s more, the machine can deal with quantitative fertilization and seeds, at the same time with high efficiency.

Working Principle of Tractor Corn Planter Machine

When the maize seed planter works, the seeds enter the seed filling area below the seed metering device, in a limited amount. Then turn clockwise to enter the seed clearing area. The surplus seeds fall back to the filling area under the action of gravity and centrifugal force.

When the machine continues to operate, the seeds fall into the groove of the seed guide wheel corresponding to the seed spoon under the action of gravity and centrifugal force. The seed spoon completes the seed delivery of the seed guide wheel. The seeds enter the seed protection area and continue to turn to the opening under the seed metering device shell.

When the seeds fall into the seed trench opened by the ditcher, complete seed metering.

How to Adjust the Plant Spacing When Seed Sowing?

The transmission has three modes: A, neutral, and B. By controlling the A, B to switch lever, the corresponding plant spacing on the gearbox spacing plate is obtained. When the lever is in neutral, the gearbox does not output speed to the outside.

Adjust plant spacing
adjust plant spacing

Technical Maintenance of Corn Seeder for Sale

  1. After each shift, the soil on each part of the corn seeder machine should be removed;
  2. After finishing work on the day, the fertilizers planted in the fertilizer box and the remaining seeds in the seed metering device should be cleaned up;
  3. Regularly check the fastening between the joints, and if they are loose, they should be tightened in time;
  4. Check whether each rotating part rotates flexibly. If it is not normal, it should be adjusted and eliminated in time. If the wear-resistant sleeve is seriously worn, the wear-resistant sleeve should be replaced immediately (available at the distribution point);

Consumable Parts List for Corn Seeder Planter

For the earthway corn planter, There are some parts easy to wear, so list as below and pay attention during usage.

S/NPart Name
1Wear Sleeve
2Fertilizer Opener Tip
3Seeding Opener Tip
4Bearing 61906-2Z
5Bearing 61906-2Z
6Bearing 61805-2Z
7Bearing 61903-2Z
8Bearing 6204-2Z
9Bearing 61905-2Z
10Bearing 6005-2Z
wearing parts list of maize planter

Successful Case: Corn Planter for Tractor Sold to the Philippines

The Philippines customer wanted a two-row maize planter for the tractor. The corn seed planter is one of our hot sell products in our company. So, our sales manager sent the latest photos and videos to show our maize planter for sale.

During the communication, the customer always wanted to visit our factory to ensure our strength. We explained to him about the international situation and guaranteed that we videoed every process of the corn seeder. Finally, he dismissed the idea and paid the deposit.

How to Make A Successful Deal on Corn Planter?

  • Contact Taizy: Consultation and technical communication about different models of corn seeders and customized service information.
  • Clarify the demand: According to your planting situation, the specific needs of corn planter.
  • Confirmation: Understand the performance of the equipment through the video demonstration, and negotiate on business details such as price, payment method, delivery period and after-sales service.
  • Signing contract: Sign a purchase and sales contract after reaching an agreement, stipulating the rights and obligations of both parties.
  • Purchase and delivery: Payment according to the contract, arrange for delivery and accept equipment installation and commissioning services.
  • After-sales service follow-up: After putting into operation, enjoy the full range of technical support and after-sales service provided by Taizy.

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