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Tractor-driven corn planter machine in Ghana

Ghana’s agricultural market has ushered in a wave of technological innovation in recent years, and the Taizy tractor-driven corn planter has become one of the focal points of local farmers’ attention. This advanced maize planter not only improves the efficiency of corn planting, but also brings about a revolutionary change in production methods.

Corn planter machine in ghana
corn planter machine in Ghana

Functions of Taizy corn planter machine in Ghana

Combining Taizy’s many years of technology accumulation and R&D experience, this tractor-driven corn planting machine has the following main functions:

  • Efficient sowing: With the power provided by 4-wheel tractors, the corn seed planter machine is able to complete the sowing work quickly and evenly, which improves the sowing efficiency.
  • Precise positioning: The machine is equipped with a precise positioning system, which can ensure that the corn seeds are sown at the correct depth and spacing, improving the sowing quality.
  • Flexible adjustment: According to different soil and planting needs, the corn seeder can flexibly adjust the sowing depth and spacing to meet the planting needs of different farmers.

Types of maize planter machines for sale

Taizy provides many types of corn planter machines in Ghana to meet the needs of different farmers:

  • Single-row corn planter: Suitable for small-scale farms, affordable and easy to operate. And the MOQ(Minimum order quantity ) is 10pcs.
  • 2-row corn planter: 2-row maize seed sowing at one time in the fields, cost-effective, greatly improving planting.
  • 4-row corn planter: 4-row corn seeds planting with tractor, more effective than 2-row maize planter.
  • Multi-row maize planter: For large-scale farms, capable of completing multiple rows of seeding tasks at one time, which improves working efficiency.


The introduction of the Taizy tractor-driven corn planter machine in Ghana marks a new stage in the modernization of local agriculture. This advanced corn seed sowing machine will provide Ghanaian farmers with more efficient and convenient seeding solutions, helping to improve the quality and efficiency of agricultural production.

If interested in the tractor planter for corn, welcome to contact us for more machine details!