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Successfully send corn planting machine to Ghana

A Belgian customer, a foreign intermediary of a corporate nature, chose a 5-row corn planting machine from Taizy in order to develop the agricultural market in Ghana. This case will discuss in detail the customer’s needs, the perfect solution, Taizy maize planter features and customer feedback of Taizy’s corn planter in this successful transaction.

Corn planting machine
corn planting machine

Customer needs and choice

After in-depth market research, the Belgian customer identified the need for advanced planting technology in the Ghanaian agricultural market. Considering this need, the customer chose our 5-row corn planting machine to improve planting efficiency and ensure maize planting quality.

Complete solutions

In order to meet the customer’s comprehensive needs, the Belgian customer not only purchased a 5-row corn planter machine from Taizy, but also brought along a range of accessories to ensure that the machine could be put into operation smoothly at the site in Ghana. This complete solution provided the customer with greater operational flexibility and reliability. The machine order list is as below:

Corn planterCorn planter
Overall dimension: 1620*2750*1200mm
Rows : 5pcs
Row spacing : 428-570mm
Plant spacing : Adjustable , 140mm / 173mm / 226mm / 280mm
Ditching depth : 60-80mm
Fertilization depth :60-80mm
Sowing depth : 30-50mm
Capacity of fertilizer tank: 18.75L x5
Capacity of seed box :8.5 x 5
Weight :360kg
Matched power : 40-60hp
Linkage : 3-pointed
1 pc
Spare parts 1Spare parts 2
Spare parts 3Spare parts 4
Spare parts5 sets
machine list for Ghana

After the purchase of the machine, Taizy’s efficient logistics service ensured the smooth delivery of the maize planter and accessories to Ghana. The customer was highly satisfied with the smoothness of the process, which was an important part of the successful transaction.

Features of our 5-row corn planting machine

Our corn planter is highly respected for its high efficiency, precision and adjustability. Intelligent design, easy-to-operate interface and versatile sowing capacity make them leading products in the field of agricultural machinery.

Feedback about corn planting machine

The maize planter was put into use in Ghana and achieved remarkable results. The sowing efficiency has been greatly improved and the planting quality has been guaranteed, which has injected new vitality into the local agricultural production.

The Belgian customer expressed high satisfaction with our 5-row corn planting machine and overall service. The performance of the machine exceeded expectations, and the professional support and after-sales service of the Taizy team also won the customer’s praise.