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3-4t/h Corn Thresher Exported to the Philippines

This corn thresher can only thresh corn and can be powered by the electric motor, the diesel engine, and the gasoline engine. The cost performance is very high, so it is widely loved by customers at home and abroad. In October this year, a customer from the Philippines ordered ten units of this corn threshing machine from us.

Basic information about the Philippines customer

This Filipino customer often imports from China and has his own agent in Guangzhou. He is looking for a very cost-effective corn threshing machine, so he contacted us after seeing our machines.

Why ordered two sets of the corn thresher?

Corn thresher
corn thresher

This Filipino customer was very aware of his needs and wanted a corn threshing machine. In the beginning, Coco, our sales manager, recommended the multifunctional threshing machine, which is also cost-effective. So, Coco sent him the information about these two machines.

After looking at the machines, he still preferred the corn sheller because it was more cost-effective, although it could only do corn threshing. And this machine is for local farmers’ use, so the cost performance is important.

Finally, this customer ordered 10 sets of corn maize sheller machines with the gasoline engines.

Corn thresher machine specifications delivered to the Philippines

Corn maize shellerModel: SL-B
Power: 170F gasoline engine
Capacity: 3t-4t/h
Size: 1300*400*900mm   
Weight: 71kg
10 sets