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Sudanese customer purchased Taizy disk mill grinder for corn processing

Very happy to have cooperated with the Sudanese customer on the disk mill grinder. This customer wants to process corn finely and therefore wants to buy a mill for corn processing. Our corn milling machine can produce 0.2-8mm cornmeal, which meets the customer’s fine processing requirements, so the two sides reached a cooperation. Look at the details below.

Disk mill grinder
disk mill grinder

Client’s detailed requirement

The Sudanese customer is a small corn processing enterprise, which mainly produces corn flour and cornmeal. The customer originally used a traditional stone mill, which was inefficient and costly. The customer wants to purchase small and efficient disk mill machines to improve processing efficiency.

Taizy solution for Sudanese client

According to this customer’s above requirements, we Taizy recommended the most suitable small disk mill grinder for the customer, which adopts the disc-type grinding method and has the following advantages:

  • High processing efficiency: Our small mill adopts disc type grinding method, with a large grinding area and high processing efficiency, it can process 50-2000kg of corn per hour.
  • High powder output rate: This disk mill grinder adopts double-layer grinding structure, with high powder output rate, which can reach more than 90%.
  • Good product quality: Taizy corn meal grinding machine adopts precision grinding, and the product size is uniform, fine and delicious.

It is these advantages that attracted the customer, who finally decided to buy 2 sets of small mills, the specific orders are as follows:

Milling machineMilling machine
Model: 9FZ-21
Power: 3kw 
2 sets
machine list for Sudan

Customer feedback about the disk mill grinder

After using our corn flour grinder, the processing efficiency has nearly doubled, the powder output rate has increased by 10%, and the product quality has been improved. Customers are very satisfied with Taizy disk mill, saying, “Taizy Grain Mill is a very good corn milling machine, which brings great help to our production.”