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Disk Mill Machine | Corn Grinder | Corn Milling Machine

Disk mill machine | corn grinder | corn milling machine

Product Parameters

Model 9FZ-15
Spindle speed 7200r/min
Supporting power 1.1kW
Capacity ≥50kg/h
Model 9FZ-19
Spindle speed 5600r/min
Supporting power 1.5kW-2.2kW
Capacity ≥150kg/h
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This series of disk mill machines function to grind and mill various dry materials into powder for the purpose of various usages. This corn grinder can use a diesel engine, electric motor, and gasoline engine. The inside of the crusher is a rotary table-type crushing bin. The disk mill machine is equipped with long and short flat teeth. The fineness of crushed materials reaches starch.

Besides, the disk mill machine can have two inlets. When using this kind of corn milling machine, you can choose the one you prefer. Moreover, the corn grinding machine can be equipped with the cyclone, which is a dust collection device. It’s good for the users, to protect their health. Our machines are of good quality, stable performance, and cost-effectiveness. Thus, it’s very popular at home and abroad because of its strong practicability.

Why Use the Disk Mill?

Maize is the most widely planted crop in the world. So, there’re many areas to have corns. And corn is also very versatile. With this disk mill machine, various grains or spices are milled and the resulting powder is ready for the next step. In the case of corn, for example, the ground corn powder can be used both as a pre-selected material for the next feed step and as a staple food for people to eat. Because the corn itself is a relatively large particle before grinding, it cannot be used directly. After grinding, cornflour can be used for various activities.

Who is Interested in this Disk Mill Machine?

This disk mill machine is mainly adapted to medium-sized chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, monosodium glutamate plants, feed plants, gypsum powder plants, calcium metal plants, paper mills, soybean plants, fish bone powder plants, and other industries.

This product has the advantages of high output, less electricity, smooth work, easy loading, and unloading, etc. This product can be also equipped with a self-priming device, fan, and unloader, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator. Also, the two inlets are available.

What Materials can be Milling?

The crusher is suitable for dry and particular materials. It’s proper to grind corn, soybeans, sorghum, dried groundnuts, bean cakes, and other miscellaneous grains.

This kind of disk mill machine is also used for pepper, spices, etc. If you have any doubts, welcome to contact us for more classifications!

Composition of Corn Grinder

Actually, the disk mill machine has a very simple structure. From the internal construction, it’s easy to understand. It has the inlet, outlet, working chamber, and supporting power. So, it’s very easy. Taking the machine with a cyclone as an example, the structure is shown below. You can choose the one you like from the various kinds.

Disk mill machine structure
disk mill machine structure

Working Principle of Disk Mill Machine

It is a multi-functional pulverizer. Its internal structure is tooth and crawler and screen. The tooth crawler can crush the raw material into powder and the screen determines the powder’s fineness.

The screen has 0.2mm-8mm. Generally speaking, if you want to grind some materials into 1mm, this kind of disk mill machine is recommended.

Spotlights of Corn Grinder Machine

  1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, small size, lightweight, reliable use, easy maintenance.
  2. A wide range of applications, high crushing output, and good energy saving, can well meet the needs of customers.
  3. Crushing a variety of chemical materials, paper pulp, herbal medicine processing, gypsum powder, pepper, and spices processing.
  4. Install the dust collector, dust-absorbing device, no dust pollution, low noise.
  5. A variety of types, there are more types to choose from, there is always a suitable for you.
  6. Machine structure is rational, durable, safe and reliable, easy to install, convenient operation, small anti-vibration effect.

Parameters of Corn Milling Machine

From the below information, it’s easy to get that there’re variable disk mill machines. Different types have different configurations and capacities, also different prices. When you want to buy this kind of grinding machine, you can tell your requirements, machine configuration, machine capacity, etc. And then our sales manager will provide the best solution to facilitate your business.

corn grinder parameters

How does the Disk Mill Machine Grind Corns?


Q: How about the capacity of this disk mill machine>

A: The capacity ranges from 50-2000kg/h. If you are interested, please contact us for more details.

Q: What kind of materials can be milled?

A: Grains, corns, pepper, spices, etc. All dry and particular materials are applicable.

Q: How much fineness can I get?

A: Commonly, we have the screen from 0.2mm-8mm. Of course, if you want others, like 1cm, we can also satisfy you. It depends on you.