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Export of 1.3m Chaff Harvester to Cambodia

In September 2022, one customer from Cambodia ordered one set of this chaff harvester. This Taizy silage recycling machine harvests widths ranging from 1m to 2.4m. It can meet your different harvesting needs. The straw harvester machine is suitable for tractors working together, and the different harvesting widths are matched with different horsepower tractors. If you are interested in this machine, welcome to contact us!

Details of the chaff harvester bought by the Cambodian client

Chaff harvester
chaff harvester
  1. Contact via WhatsApp: this customer searched on Google until he found our webpage. And then he went through the article and contacted us to learn more about this machine.
  2. Arrange the professional sales manager: because we knew his needs, arranged the sales manager to send more machine details and the machine price to assist the client.
  3. Discuss the details: after the client learned the machine details, and then he put forward some doubts based on his understanding, such as the tractor horsepower, blades, the length of the crushed straw, etc. Our sales manager answered him very patiently and detailly.
  4. Confirm the order: because this customed needed the machine very urgently, so he placed the order after confirming everything he needed.

Why did the Cambodian customer need this silage harvester urgently?

Chaff harvester in stock
chaff harvester in stock

According to his statement, the harvesting season approaches. And the sea transport will take some time. Therefore, he wants the machine in stock and then the sea delivery is carried out as soon as possible. So that the straw can be recycled after the crop is harvested.

Technical parameters of the chaff harvester ordered by the Cambodian customer

Machine nameChaff harvester
Engine≥60HP tractor
Harvesting width1.3m
Recycling rate≥80%
Fling distance3-5m
Fling height≥2m
The length of crushed strawLess than 80mm
Rotating blade32pcs
Cutter shaft speed2160r/min
Working speed2-4 km/h
Capacity0.25-0.48 hectare /h