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Thai customer’s investment in feed hammer mill

A Thai customer runs a company with a special focus on agriculture and feed production. He decided to purchase a 9FQ series feed hammer mill from Taizy in order to improve productivity and expand his business. This case study looks at his investment and the key selling points of Taizy’s hammer mill crusher.

Feed hammer mill
feed hammer mill

Why buy feed hammer mill for Thailand?

The main thing is actually to provide value to the local market. Thailand is an agricultural country with a growing demand for agricultural products. The potential of the local feed market is huge. The investment in the 9FQ not only helps to increase his own productivity, but also helps to meet the needs of the local market. Moreover, Taizy’s mills not only come in a variety of models, but also have excellent performance and good feed production results. So this customer contacted us to enquire about the pulveriser.

Attractive points of Taizy feed hammer mill for Thai client

Adapt to different needs: This customer’s needs were diverse and he wanted to purchase different models of the corn hammer mill at once. This decision took into account different production needs and provided him with flexibility. Our range of machines can be adapted to different applications, meeting the customer’s different production needs.

Superior performance: Taizy’s 9FQ feed hammer mill is known for its excellent performance. He has found that the machine is able to efficiently crush raw materials, whether they are grains or feed ingredients. This increased productivity and reduced production time, thus creating more opportunities for him to meet market demands.

Industrial hammer mill
industrial hammer mill

Final order list for Thailand

By getting to know our machines, this Thai was so satisfied with our feed grinding hammer mill that he finally made a purchase from us. The final purchase order is shown below:

Hammer Mill
Model: 9FQ-360
Power: 5.5kw
Capacity; 150kg/h
Hammer: 24pcs
Weight: 120kg
Size (mm):1500*1000*1900
1 pc
Hammer MillModel:9FQ-420
Power: 11kw
Capacity: 300kg/h
Hammer: 24pcs
Weight: 200kg
Size (mm): 1500*1000*1900
1 pc
Hammer MillModel: 9FQ-500
Power: 15kw
Capacity: 500kg/h
Hammer: 24pcs
Weight: 300kg
Size (mm): 1500*1000*1900
1 pc
machine list for Thailand

Package and transport feed hammer mill to Thailand

We packed this Thai customer’s goods in good condition and worked with the logistics who we often work with to deliver goods safely to the customer’s designated destination. The customer was kept updated throughout the process, ensuring the safety of the goods and the timeliness of the information.