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3 Sets of Forage Harvester Shipped to Kenya

This customer ordered 3 sets of forage harvester machines for his 150 acres of lemon grass recycling. The customer originally intended to purchase 2 sets of silage harvester machines and 1 set of the reaper binder, but later changed the order to suit his needs.

Basic information about this customer

Actually, this customer is from Canada, but he has a large farm in Kenya and often imports from China, and has his own agent in Foshan.

This time he bought the forage harvester for harvesting 150 acres of lemongrass.

Things that Canadian client cares about the forage harvester

Forage harvester
forage harvester

This customer is concerned about the height of the grass that can be harvested, what is the maximum height?

The machine needs to be used at the end of April, when can finish the production & delivery?

Is the machine with the basket(collection)? If yes, how many tons can be held?

What is the height of the grass that can be harvested? Is there a maximum height?

These are just a few of the questions listed above, which our professional Cindy has answered carefully and patiently. In addition, she also communicated with the customer about the details of the machine, and finally, the customer decided to buy 3 sets of straw crushing and recycling machines.

Machine parameters for the Canadian client

ItemMachine specificationQty
Silage harvester machineSilage Harvester Machine 
Engine: ≥ 100HP tractor
Dimension: 1480*1980*3500mm
Weight: 700kg
Harvesting width: 1 . 5m
Recycling rate: ≥ 80%
Fling distance: 3- 5m
Fling height: ≥ 2m
The length of crushed straw: Less than 80mm
Rotating hammer: 40
Working speed: 3-4km/h
Capacity: 0.3-0 .5 hectare/h
with the second crush part
3 sets