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What are functions of Taizy peanut planting machine?

Taizy’s latest peanut planting machine is attracting a lot of attention in modern agricultural cultivation. This advanced equipment is equipped with several functions designed to improve the efficiency and quality of groundnut planting. Our peanut seeder holds a favorable position in the peanut field and is often exported overseas, such as Thailand, Myanmar, etc. Now let’s discuss the types of peanut planters and what are its functions.

Types of peanut planters from Taizy

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of peanut machinery, Taizy peanut planting machine is available in different sizes such as 2-row, 4-row, 6-row and 8-row to meet the needs of different farms.

The 2-row peanut planter is suitable for smaller farms or for planting in narrow plots. With its compact design and flexible operability, it can sow seeds efficiently in limited space and improve planting efficiency.

The 4-row peanut planting machine is suitable for medium-sized peanut growing farms. It combines efficiency and productivity with the ability to sow four rows of peanut seed simultaneously, reducing labor and time costs and increasing the speed and effectiveness of planting.

The 6-row and 8-row peanut planters are suitable for large-scale peanut farms. They have higher sowing capacity and operational efficiency, allowing more rows of peanut seed to be sown at once. This can save a lot of time and labor and increase production efficiency for farms that need to plant large quantities of peanuts.

Functions of Taizy peanut planting machine

Multifunctional peanut planting machine
multifunctional peanut planting machine

Sowing seeds on flat land

It can evenly sow the peanut seeds on the flat land to ensure that each seed gets the proper spacing and depth, creating good conditions for the healthy growth of peanuts.

Ridging along with planting

With the configuration of the peanut planting machine, it is able to form a starting monopoly on the land while sowing. This type of ridge is helpful in the growth and management of peanuts and increases the success rate of planting.

Drip irrigation system

The groundnut planter can be equipped with a drip irrigation system according to customer needs, capable of delivering water directly to the roots of the plants, providing accurate irrigation for peanuts and helping the plants to get the proper water supply during growth.

Rotary tillage function

By equipping the machine in the peanut planting machine, the soil is turned and loosened to provide a loose soil environment for peanut growth. This helps peanut root growth and nutrient absorption, improving the health and yield of the plant.

Mulching function

The peanut planter machine also has a mulching function. Mulch is a protective layer of film that covers the ground during the planting process and provides a variety of benefits that contribute to the success of peanut planting.