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Groundnut Sowing Machine for Peanut Planting

Groundnut sowing machine for peanut planting

Product Parameters

Model 2BH-4
Rows 4
Ridge height 10-15cm
Ridge width 60-70cm
Plant space 90-210mm
Size 1900*1800*1150mm
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Groundnut sowing machine is designed for groundnuts planting in the sandy land, wheat stubble land, and soft lands(no stones). The groundnut planter should work with the tractor of 40-70HP, adopting a 3-linkage suspension. Because the peanut planter itself has no power to drive. The peanut seeder has advantages of precision planting, high efficiency, and stable performance. Compared to the wheat planter, this groundnut seeder has 2 row, 6 row, 8 row available. The planting rows are upon customers’ demands. Looking forward to your inquiries!

Available Peanut Planter Machine Types

Our peanut seed drill planter is available in different models, including 2-row, 4-row, 6-row and 8-row, etc. These different models of groundnut seeders cater for farms of different sizes, enabling peanut growers to choose the most appropriate model for the size and needs of their farming operation.

Twin row peanut planter
Twin Row Peanut Planter

Two row peanut planter

The 2-row peanut planter machine is suitable for smaller farms and is capable of efficiently planting two rows of peanut seed at the same time, providing a practical and cost-effective solution for small-scale agricultural production.

4-row peanut precision planter

Our 4-row peanut planter is suitable for medium-sized farms and is capable of planting four rows of groundnut seed at once, improving efficiency while maintaining ease of management.

4-row peanut precision planter
4-Row Peanut Precision Planter
6-row groundnut planter
6-Row Groundnut Planter

6-row groundnut planter machine

Designed for larger-scale farming operations, the 6-row groundnut seed sowing machine enables the simultaneous planting of six rows of peanut seed for expansive peanut fields, increasing planting efficiency and reducing the time required for peanut cultivation.

8-row groundnut seeder

A powerful solution designed for large-scale peanut farming, the 8-row groundnut sowing machine is capable of planting eight rows of peanut seed simultaneously, maximizing efficiency and productivity, making it an excellent choice for expansive peanut fields and commercial agribusinesses.

8-row groundnut seed sowing machine
8-Row Groundnut Seed Sowing Machine

What are Functions of Groundnut Planter?

Peanut seeder is a multi-functional agricultural machinery with several important functions.

  • Ridging: It can carry out ridging operation, effectively tidy and level the soil, and create favorable conditions for the growth of peanuts.
  • Mulching: The groundnut planter is also equipped with the function of mulching, which is able to cover the film during the seeding process to increase the soil temperature, moisturize the soil and inhibit the growth of weeds, which helps to improve the yield and quality of peanuts.
  • Watering: Our machine is also capable of performing watering operations to ensure smooth seed rooting and germination in moist soil, providing sufficient water for peanut growth.

Characteristics of Groundnut Sowing Machine for Sale

  • Large design space. The groundnut sowing machine is available with ridge and flat sowing options. The groundnut cultivation machine can use in stubble fields as well.
  • Added functions. This machine can also add the cover with film and watering.
  • Plant space adjustment. Plant space can be adjusted by adjusting the speed of the governor.
  • The peanut planting machine needs to be connected to the tractor to carry out peanut sowing work.
  • Reliable operation, less maintenance time, high efficiency and long service life.

Advantages of Groundnut Sowing Machine

  1. Ridging first can ensure consistent seed depth and fast germination.
  2. Compared with traditional models, the groundnut sowing machine can guarantee the germination rate and increase the average yield.
  3. Adopt 65# manganese steel, which has high hardness and good wear resistance.
  4. The seed device is more accurate for seeding, uniform seeds, less rotten seeds, and guaranteed plant space. 

Peanut Planter Design

Being one of the leading agro machine companies, our peanut planter machine for sale has the reasonable structure. The groundnut sowing machine has the fertilize box and seedbox, thus, fertilizing and seeding at the same time. The ridge-making device functions to make ridge to facilitate the peanut seed sowing.

Structure of 4 row peanut planter
structure of 4 row peanut planter

Working Process of Groundnut Seed Sowing Machine

After mounting with the tractor, the groundnut planter machine starts working. The process is very simple, first fertilizing, then seed sowing, and last ridging.

From the groundnut seed planting, and growing to harvest, the peanut sowing machine initially works. So, it’s important to learn the groundnut seed planter.

Peanut seeding,growing and harvesting
peanut seeding, growing, and harvesting

Global Cases of Taizy Groundnut Seed Planter

Successful Case: 4 Row Groundnut Planter Exported to Myanmar

This year, our sales manager Coco received one inquiry from Myanmar about the groundnut sowing machine. A customer in Myanmar has a piece of land, so he wanted to buy a groundnut sowing machine for farming. After inquiring about his budget and farming needs, Coco recommended the peanut sowing machine with four rows of ridges. Myanmar customers decided to buy from our company. Both parties confirmed the machines one by one and finalized the agreement. After receiving the machine, he send back good feedback to us and praised our machines.

Customized 4 row groundnut seeder for myanmar customer
customized 4 row groundnut seeder for Myanmar customer

Successful Stroy: 6-Row Peanut Planter Sold to Denmark

A state-of-the-art 6-row groundnut sowing machine has recently been successfully exported to Denmark, bringing modern solutions to local agricultural production. With its efficient 6-row simultaneous planting function, this planter provides a faster and more convenient option for peanut planting in Denmark. Its advanced technology not only improves planting efficiency, but also enables Danish farmers to better adapt to the local planting environment.

This export event is not only a cross-border exchange of agricultural machinery technology, but also a positive contribution to the modernization of Danish agriculture, ushering in more advanced seeding tools for local agriculture.

Video of Groundnut Sowing Machine from Taizy