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Georgia dealers choose Taizy maize sheller machine for successful cooperation

Very happy to be working with a dealer in Georgia on maize sheller machines. This customer runs an influential company that supplies a wide range of agricultural equipment to the region. After comparing several suppliers, the customer finally chose us because we are the source factory with the perfect after-sales service system, equipment warranty and spare parts guarantee.

Maize sheller machine for sale
maize sheller machine for sale

Attractions of Taizy maize sheller machine to Georgia

  • Professional machine manufacturer: As a manufacturing enterprise with its production line, Taizy Machinery ensures the original production of products, provides factory certificates, directly controls the production process and quality standards, and provides customers with a first-hand source of goods, avoiding the cost of intermediate links superimposed.
  • Perfect after-sales service system: Taizy Machinery promises to provide one-stop services including but not limited to installation and commissioning, operation training, maintenance and technical advice. In addition, we provide online services to ensure that we can quickly respond to the after-sales service needs of customers in Georgia.
  • Equipment & parts warranty: Our corn thresher is equipped with a clear warranty period when it leaves the factory, and we provide warranty commitment for the core components, so that our customers have no worries in the sales process.
Large maize shelling machine
large maize shelling machine

How does our maize shelling machine profit his business?

After purchasing our maize sheller machine, the Georgian customer was concerned about its re-pricing and re-selling in the local market. Because our machines are ex-factory price, there is a great profit margin for Georgian customers. And the local customers feel that the corn shelling machine is very effective after purchasing and using, so this customer has a considerable profit.

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