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Maize Thresher

Maize thresher

Product Parameters

Model 5TY-80D
Power 15HP diesel engine or 7.5 kW motor
Capacity 6t/h (Corn seeds )
Threshing rate ≥99.5%
Loss rate ≤2.0%
Breakage rate ≤1.5%
Impurity rate ≤1.0%
Weight 350kg
Size 3860*1360*2480 mm
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Maize thresher is professionally designed for corn, shelling corn into corn cobs and corn kernels with a capacity of 6t per hour. The corn cobs and kernels are in whole without breaking. Also, it’s a large-capacity automatic corn sheller. The maize threshing machine can be powered by a diesel engine or electric motor. Now, this type of corn sheller has advanced based on the customers’ requirements. It’s much more popular among medium-scaled and large-scaled farm owners. Looking forward to your inquiries!

Working Video of Maize Thresher Machine

Video of New Type Maize Thresher

Maize Thresher Design

Actually, the maize sheller has the simple structure. It consists of corn inlet, corn cob outlet, corn kernel outlet, dust outlet, conveyor belt, and pipes.


Advantages of Maize Sheller for Sale

  • The threshing rate can reach up to 99.5%, effectively shelling corn.
  • Conveyor belt for transporting corn, saving labor.
  • High working efficiency, capacity is about 6t/h.
  • The blower is blowing away the impurities, guaranteeing the maize seed is very clean.
  • Diesel engines or electric motors are good choices for the area where is a lack of electricity.
  • Easy to move due to the tow bars and wheels.

Working Process of Taizy Maize Thresher Machine

As a professional agricultural company, this machine is a commercial corn sheller. Let’s better learn the process of the maize threshing machine.

working scene
  1. Feed the corn through the conveyor belt, until the corns reach the threshing chamber.
  2. After threshing and separating, the light impurities will be blown out from the dust outlet.
  3. The whole corn cob comes out from the corn cob outlet, at the same time, the corn seeds are discharged from the corresponding outlet.

Optional Equipment for Large Maize Thresher

1. Conveyor belt

This conveyor belt is for maize transporting. It’s used for the maize thresher for the purpose of labor-saving and high efficiency.

2. Pipe for conveying the corn seeds

The device benefits farmers because it can directly arrive at the big container to store the maize seeds.

Pay attention, the maize threshing machine price varies in accordance with the different collocations.

optional conveyor and pipe

Factors Affect Maize Thresher Price

There are many factors affecting the maize threshing machine price. We just list several factors for your reference.

  1. Optional equipment. As mentioned above, for this large corn thresher machine, there are different configurations available. Without pipe and conveyor belt and with pipe and conveyor belt are completely different prices.
  2. Power of the machine. The machine can be powered by a diesel engine or by an electric motor. Obviously, the price is different with the diesel engine or the electric motor.
  3. Quality of the machine. The maize threshing machine manufacturers and suppliers are numerous in the market. Maybe some suppliers have the machine at a cheaper price compared to our corn thresher, but you should also attention to the machine’s quality.

Strengths of Taizy – the Reliable Maize Thresher Manufacturers & Suppliers

  1. Competitive price. We are both a manufacturer and a producer, so we have a price advantage without adding extra cost to the price of the machine.
  2. CE certificate. Our corn threshing machines are certified by the relevant authority, the quality of the machine is guaranteed and the service life is long.
  3. After-sales service. Our staff will provide you with professional after-sales service, specifically for you to answer any questions you may encounter in the process of using the maize thresher machine.
  4. Online service, video guidance, etc. At the time of receiving the machine, it is inevitable that you are unfamiliar with the machine. At this stage, we will provide online guidance, or video can help customers familiarize themselves with the use of the machine as soon as possible.
Strong strength-taizy argo machine
strong strength-Taizy Argo Machine

Several Things to Clarify for Maize Thresher Machine

Is this machine only for corn? If other crops, such as millet, and sorghum, is this machine applicable?

This corn thresher can be only used for shelling dry corn. Other crops can choose other threshing machines. For example, sorghum can use the multifunctional thresher.

Can the maize thresher peel the corn husk?

No, this maize threshing machine is suitable for corn without husks.

Can sweet corn use this machine to thresh?

The corn thresher for sale is different from the sweet corn thresher. This machine is threshing dry corn. If you want to thresh the sweet corn, the sweet corn sheller machine is the better choice.

Technical Parameters of Big Taizy Maize Thresher

Power15HP diesel engine or 7.5 kW motor
Capacity6t/h (Corn seeds )
Threshing rate≥99.5%
Loss rate≤2.0%
Breakage rate≤1.5%
Impurity rate≤1.0%
Size3860*1360*2480 mm
maize thresher machine parameters