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1100kg/h Groundnut Picker Machine for Sale to the US

In March 2023, a large groundnut picker machine for sale was to a customer in the United States. The customer, who owns a farm, has purchased the machine for his own use.

Details of the order about the groundnut picker machine for sale to the client from the US

The peanut picker machine is an agricultural machinery that automates the process of harvesting peanuts. It has been designed and developed to increase the efficiency of peanut harvesting and reduce the labor costs associated with manual harvesting. The customer in the United States has a large farm where he cultivates peanuts. He has been in the peanut farming business for many years and understands the importance of using modern technology to improve the productivity of his farm.

Therefore, he was looking for a reliable and efficient groundnut picker machine to facilitate his peanut business. Through extensive research, he found our groundnut picker machine for sale fitted his needs. He was particularly happy with the machine’s ability to pick peanuts quickly and accurately, which significantly reduced the time and labor required for the harvesting process. And he was so satisfied with the machine’s performance during the working video and decided to make the purchase.

Machine parameters for the client from the United States

PictureMachine specificationsQty
Peanut pickerPeanut Picker
Model: 5HZ-1800
Power: PTO 
Rotation speed of roller 550r/min
Loss rate:≤1%
Broken rate:≤3%
Impurity rate:≤2%
Inlet dimension:1100*700mm
The height from the inlet to ground:1050mm
The model of separation and cleaning:Vibrating screen and draught fan
The dimension of the screen:3340*640mm
Dimension of machine:6550*2000*1800mm
The diameter of the roller:600mm
The length of the roller:1800mm
Around 8.2CBM
1 set