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Commercial Groundnut Picker for Peanut Harvesting

Commercial groundnut picker for peanut harvesting

Product Parameters

Model 5HZ- 600
Size 1960*1500*1370mm
Weight 150Kg
Power 7.5kw motor,10HP diesel engine
Capacity 800-1000kg/h
Picking rate >99%
Breaking rate <1%
Impurity rate <1%
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Groundnut picker is an ideal machine for picking up peanuts with a capacity of 800-1000kg per hour. The power system of this peanut picker machine can be an electric motor or a diesel engine. Besides, the peanut picking machine has a picking rate of 99%. Also, its breaking rate is less than 1%. Due to the impurity rate of less than 1%, you can get relatively clean peanuts.

working video of hot-selling large peanut picker

Our groundnut picking machines are exported overseas, such as Sudan, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Nigeria, Mexico, Italy, etc. All in all, our groundnut picker has super quality, stable performance, and high efficiency. Welcome to contact us for more machine details.

Type 1: Big Size Groundnut Picker for Sale

A wet and dry peanut picking machine is suitable for seedling and fruit separation of peanuts after digging. It is the ideal choice for picking fresh peanuts. The groundnut picking machine adds the new fan, and tube to blow away impurities and broken soil.

Therefore, it has the advantages of clean fruit picking, high picking rate, low crushing rate, clean cleaning, work, reasonable structure of the whole machine, automatic bagging, free walking in the field to move easily, etc.

Besides, based on the original one, Taizy Machinery Company has developed a new large peanut fruit-picking machine. In addition to the original machine, a fruit collection box has been added. This machine is very popular in Sudan, India, and other places.

Big groundnut picking machine
big groundnut picking machine
Peanut picker with the collection box
peanut picker with the collection box

Components of Industrial Peanut Picking Machine

This type of groundnut picker can use an electric motor, diesel engine, or tractor-driven. It consists of the frame, vibrating screen, wheels, fans, inlet, elevator, and finished product outlet. One thing you should know is that you can put the bags to connect to the outlet.

Big size peanut picker structure
big size peanut picker structure

What Features Big Groundnut Picker?

  1. After picking, the peanut fruit is clean and free of residue and can be directly bagged for storage after drying.
  2. Easy to operate, clean fruit picking, less breakage, small power supporting.
  3. The machine adopts a large drum, thick material, stable performance, and strong continuous working ability. All parts are coordinated.
  4. The groundnut picking machine is fixed and doing flowing operations with the tractor through the universal joint.

Technical Parameters of Groundnut Picker Machine

Rotation speed of the roller550r/min
Loss rate≤1%
Broken rate≤3%
Impurity rate≤2%
Capacity1100kg/h(wet peanut)
Inlet dimension1100*700mm
The height from inlet to ground1050mm
The model of separation and cleaningVibrating screen and draught fan
The dimension of the screen3340*640mm
Dimension of machine5800*2100*1900mm
The diameter of the roller600mm
The length of the roller1800mm
Capacity unit power≥30kg/kWh
technical parameters of peanut picking equipment

Type 2: Small Size Groundnut Picker for Sale

This peanut picker machine is for peanut harvest with vine directly picking fruit, flexible mobile in the field, clean for picking fruit, low shell crushing rate, and less loss. Dry and wet stems both are available, with clean threshing and a low crushing rate.

small size groundnut picker machine for harvesting peanuts

Peanut straw in fresh, semi-dry, and dry (three cases) can be picked, which is dominated by large peanuts, in the case of fresh and semi-dry straw.

Our peanut seedlings remover machine will pick, raise, sieve, and select (four processes) at once, and the daily work efficiency is more than 12 times the manual. It is the development of the future of the very ideal machinery.

Groundnut Picker Structure

This peanut picking equipment has a reasonable structure and easy-to-understand peanut picker parts. In the below picture, it’s equipped with a 10HP diesel engine as the power device.

Of course, there is inlet and peanut outlet. Also, this peanut picker for sale has outlets for big and light impurities. What’s more, the fans form strong winds to blow impurities. If you want to learn more about the peanut picking machine, get in touch with us immediately.  

Structure-groundnut picker
structure-groundnut picker
Structure-peanut picker
structure-peanut picker

Strengths of Peanut Picker for Sale

  1. Double vibrating screen. A layer of the earth-moving sieve is applied, to clean the soil at any time. It’s convenient and safe.
  2. Lifter shield. Two flat irons with the same specification support the lifter, avoiding deviation during the operation. The protective cover can protect the peanuts from keeping them clean.
  3. Eliminator. It’s the core component of the machine. Compared to others, this groundnut picker makes peanuts much cleaner.
  4. Six blades. These can make wind stronger, resulting in a better effect on separating peanuts and seedlings.
  5. Steel roller. It adopts good materials and is detachable.

Specifications of Small Peanut Picker Machine

Model 5HZ- 600
Power7.5kw motor,10HP diesel engine
Picking rate>99%
Breaking rate<1%
Impurity rate<1%
40HQ45 sets
technical data of small size groundnut picker

How does Groundnut Picker Work?

Peanut picking machine is mainly composed of an organic frame, electric motor (diesel engine), transmission part, fruit picking and detaching part, fan body selection part, and vibration mechanism.

During the operation, the electric motor or diesel engine has driven the machine running. Through the feed inlet, the peanuts come into the fruit picking system.

By the rotation of the drum picking rod, the blow makes the peanut detach from the stem. Fruits and debris through the intaglio hole down to the vibrating screen, and the stalks come out from the discharge port.

Scattered miscellaneous fruits on the vibrating screen reach the fan suction port (discharge debris) through the vibrating screen. The clean peanuts are selected to complete the whole process.

Customer Feedback on Industrial Groundnut Picker

As a professional agro machine manufacturer and supplier, we have a series of peanut machines, such as peanut sheller, peanut harvester, peanut planter, etc. And we export our machines overseas.

Sri Lanka Customer Feedback on Peanut Picking Machine

Recently, we exported one small groundnut picking machine to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka customer received the machine and used the machine to pick peanuts. Apart from this, he complimented our machine and sent us a feedback video. Till now, we’re still good friends to share interesting things happening in life.

Sri Lankan client feedback on small peanut picker

Italy Client Feedback on Large Groundnut Picker

Our agricultural machinery has successfully entered the Italian market, bringing advanced agricultural production technology to local farms. With its high efficiency and precision, our groundnut picking machine optimizes harvesting, greatly enhancing the mechanization of Italian agriculture. By reducing manpower reliance and increasing production efficiency, our equipment has won widespread recognition and praise in the Italian agricultural sector.

Feedback on groundnut picker performance from Italy

Guatemala Customer Feedback about Industrial Peanut Picker Machine

Through the introduction of our machines, with their reliability and utility in a variety of environments, Guatemalan farmers have improved the efficiency of peanut production and harvesting, further modernizing the country’s agriculture.

Good feedback on peanut picking machine from Guatemala

Ugandan Client Feedback on Big Peanut Picking Machine

In Uganda, facing the challenges of high labour intensity and low efficiency in local agriculture, our fresh peanut picking machine successfully helped farmers improve the efficiency of planting and harvesting crops through its durability and ease of operation.

Groundnut picker feedback from Uganda

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