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Hand Walking Tractor with Plough Ordered by An American Client

Good news! A customer from America ordered a hand walking tractor and a double plow from us. Not only that, this customer wants us to deliver the machines to Kenya. This customer purchased it for his own use, and although he lives in the US, the 2 wheel walking tractor would be used in Kenya.

After receiving this customer’s inquiry, our manager Cindy immediately replied online and sent the walk-behind tractor and related accessories for his choice. This customer’s purchase stage was actually very fast, immediately decided to buy the15hp walk-behind tractor and double-sided plough.

Just in the payment stage, due to the change in the customer’s plan to go to Kenya, the purchase plan of the hand walking tractor also changed with it. Finally, in March 2023, the customer made the payment.

What did we do for this customer’s hand walking tractor to be delivered to Kenya on time?

We work with a professional logistics company. This logistics company has established a global logistics network and is able to manage the transportation and delivery of goods efficiently. We will deliver the machine to the logistics company’s warehouse, where they will make further processing and arrangements.

While we are arranging the logistics, we also need to ensure that the machine will pass through the Kenyan customs and tax procedures without any problems. Thus, we cooperate with a local trade agent to ensure that the machines can pass through the Kenyan import process in the shortest possible time.

We will stay in close contact with the customer and keep him updated about the shipment and delivery of the hand walking tractor and its attachments.

Machine list for the American client

Walking tractorWalking Tractor
Model SIZE:15HP
Structural weight:315kg
Gross weight:345kg
1 pc
Double disc ploughDouble disc plough 
Weight: 66kg                                              
Ploughing width: 400mm,
Depth: 120-180mm.                                            
Size: 1090*560*700mm                                        
Matched power:8- 15 hp
1 pc