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Hay Baler Machine Shipped to Zimbabwe

The hay baler machine from Taizy is a straw-picking and baling machine that can process the harvested straw for silage. This machine is used with a tractor and is very convenient and quick to use. It is also very efficient when picking and baling straw. Recently a customer from Zimbabwe ordered a straw picker and baler from us.

The specific order process for the hay baler machine

The Zimbabwean customer had a very clear objective and wanted a baler that could bale all kinds of straw for silage. In the beginning, the customer was looking for this hay picking and baling machine on the internet and when he saw our machine, he was very interested and therefore sent us an inquiry.

Hay baler machine
hay baler machine

He was contacted by our sales manager Coco. Based on his needs, Coco sent him information about the machine and asked him about his specific requirements, such as whether it was a function of picking and baling or a crushing picking and bundling function, whether it had a tractor, and what the horsepower of the tractor was.

And based on this detailed information, Coco gave him a detailed introduction to the hay baler machine and described the advantages of this machine as follows.

  1. It is a perfect match for your tractor. Because your tractor is above 40 hp, it is a perfect match.
  2. High baling efficiency. When working in the field, the machine can finish 1.3-1.65acre in one hour.
  3. The right size of silage. The size of the silage produced by this machine is Φ800*1000mm.

Therefore, after comprehensive consideration, this customer finally decided to buy this hay baler machine.

Parameters of the straw picker and baler

Hay baler machineModel: ST80*100
Weight: 680kg
Power of tractor: more than 40hp
Overall dimension: 1.63*1.37*1.43m
Baler size: Φ800*1000mm
Baler weight: 40-50kg
Capacity: 1.3-1.65acre/h
1 set