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Straw Baling Machine | Round Straw Baler | Square Straw Baler

Straw baling machine | round straw baler | square straw baler

Product Parameters

Model ST80*100
Weigh 680kg
Power of tracto More than 40hp
Bale Size Φ800*1000mm
Overall Dimension 1.63*1.37*1.43m
Baler weight 40-50kg
Capacity 1.3-1.65acre/h
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The main function of the straw baling machine is to bale the straw left after the harvest in the field as feed. The straw baler machine has a wide range of applications in the field of silage, and is good equipment for processing straw. It has the advantages of low noise, no vibration, high output, and good performance. Our straw picking and baling machine can bale straw with twine or net to make it into shape. The hay baler machine is a PTO drive, three-point suspension with the tractor. Pay attention to the daily maintenance of the machine, good maintenance will help to improve the output and increase the service life of the machine.

Our machines have CE certificate, reliable and guaranteed quality, and are very popular in foreign markets, such as the Middle East, the Netherlands, etc.

Why Use Pine Straw Baling Machine?

  1. Reduce the possibility of fire, and do not burn straw at the same time environmentally friendly use.
  2. Solve the problems of the farmers about straw processing after harvesting crops.
  3. The high price recovery is to help farmers to increase their income while driving the local economy to improve.

Straw Baler for Sale

As a professional agro company, the baler machine agriculture is divided into the round baler machine and square hay baler machine depending on the shape of the finished product. Each type has its own unique performance and characteristics. Now introduce the straw baling machine in detail.

Type 1: Round Straw Baler Machine

The round straw baling machine can automatically complete the picking, baling and releasing of pasture, rice, wheat, and kneaded corn stalks. It’s widely used for dry, green pasture, rice, wheat, crushed corn stalks automatically collected and baled. After bundling, it’s easy to transport, storage and deep processing. Also, the pine straw baler can be matched with the silage wrapping machine to realize the wrapping of forage silage.

round baler machine with the tractor
Round straw baling machine
round straw baling machine

Structure of Round Baler Machine

The straw baling machine structure is simple. The PTO is designed to be connected to the tractor for transmission, and the lower popping teeth can do the work of picking up the straw and then enter the workshop for baling. Usually, the rope is used for baling, but now the round baler can use the net for hay bundling.

Structure of round hay baler machine
structure of round hay baler machine

What is the Parameter of Pine Straw Round Baler?

Power of tractorMore than 40hp
Overall Dimension1.63*1.37*1.43m
Baler SizeΦ800*1000mm
Baler weight40-50kg

How to Bale Straw?

The straw recycling and baling machine works with the tractor. When working, the tractor conveys the output power through the universal joint to the operating equipment. The straw is cut, sucked, and crushed by the high-speed rotating blades. And then under the action of centrifugal force, the straw is sent to the baling room for baling by the conveying device. When the bale is full, the alarm will sound, the tractor will stop and the bale rope above the machine will be in motion (for baling work). After finishing the work, the rope will stop moving and the bale will spit out manually.

Working Video of Straw Picking and Baling Machine

Type 2: Square Straw Baling Machine

The square hay picking and baling machine is an advanced straw grass collection and processing equipment. The machine relies on the tractor’s traction and power transmission. It is a kind of advanced and ideal equipment that can automatically finish stubble kneading and baling of corn, rice, wheat, cotton and other straw and forage as a whole. The pine straw square baler is simple to operate, high quality, is the ideal equipment for farmers to make a fortune and straw industrialization.

Square straw picking and baling machine
square straw picking and baling machine

Structure of Square Hay Baling Machine

The structure of this straw baling machine includes PTO, popping teeth, baling chamber and bale outlet. The structure is very simple and the Middle East prefers this model.

Structure of square straw  baler
structure of square straw baler

Working Principle of Straw Baling Equipment

Unlike the round baler, this straw baling machine is picking and baling at the same time. It works with the tractor and borrows the power provided by the tractor to operate, and sends the straw to the bale chamber for bundling. When the bale is full, the machine automatically bundles, automatically cuts off the rope. Also, the baler automatically opens the bin and spits out the bale. It is a fully automatic type of picking and baling machine.

Working Video of Square Baler Machine

Wide Applications of Baler Machine for Agriculture

Because the work is going on in the field, it has a wide range of applications. For example, wheat, straw, corn stalks, soybean stalks, corn cobs, tree branches, forage, etc.

Applications of bale machine for agriculture
applications of bale machine for agriculture

Highlights of Hay Baler Machine

  1. Popping teeth type picker, picking smoothly, not disrupting the grass strips, small straw loss rate.
  2. Adopt the tractor‘s traction, flexible body, easy to transfer.
  3. The axially symmetrical arrangement of the transmission device, good stability.
  4. German imported knotter, durable.
  5. One machine is multi-purpose, a wide range of application. It’s indispensable and preferred equipment for the animal husbandry industry, paper industry, and rural straw into resource energy.

Advantages of Taizy CompanyCredited Straw Baling Machine Manufacturer & Supplier

CE certificate. Our straw picking and baling machine has CE certificate, which means that our machine has international certification standard.
Experienced in exporting. Our company has been engaged in export trade for more than ten years, so we are very familiar with the process and can help you save time and money.
Loved by overseas people. Our machines have been exported to many countries and have been loved by people in the Middle East, Holland, Nigeria, Kenya and other places.

Fault and Troubleshooting of Straw Baling Machine

When the grass is blocked in the pickup sectionThe grass pile is too large, the driving speed is too fast, and the workpiece is too wetSmaller pile, slower speed, dry material
Bales are taperedDrive on one end of the bale, one end of the bale is thickDrive in the center of the bale
Roller pusher does not turnSafety bolt of hay picker is cutReplace safety bolt
The roller and pusher do not rotateThe active safety bolt is cut offReplace safety bolt
When there is a broken line in the baleThe rope supplying device and rope pressing device resistance is big, the rope walker has problemsRelax the rope and then thread the rope to adjust the spring to reduce the resistance, check the rope walker

Successful Case: Round Straw Baling Machine Exported to the Netherlands

A customer from the Netherlands asked us about the hay picking and baling machine. He wanted to do forage baling. After understanding his needs, our sales manager, Coco, recommended him the straw picker and baler. She also sent the straw baling machine parameters, photos, working videos, etc. He decided to buy the round straw baler after reading it. After confirming the details of the machine, we signed the contract. After receiving our machine, the Dutch customer felt very satisfied and said he would cooperate with us again in the future.

Wrapped round baler
wrapped round baler
Packed round straw baler
packed round straw baler

FAQ of Taizy Straw Baling Machine

Q: How much horsepower do you need for a straw picker and baler?

A: More than 40hp for round baler machine.

Q: How big is the straw bale?

A: Bale differs. For example, the round baling machine has bale size of 80*100cm.

Q: What is the weight of the hay bale?

A: 40-50kg for round bale.

Q: Can the straw baling machine harvest corn stalks?

A: After the corn stalks is shredded, you can use this machine to pick and bale.