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How much does it cost to make a bale of silage?

With the modernization of agriculture, corn silage baling and wrapping machines have become the object of attention for many farmers and investors. As a well-known manufacturer of balers and wrappers, Taizy’s products are highly regarded for their performance and price. So how much does it cost to make a bale of silage with Taizy silage baling and wrapping machine? Let’s explore it together.

Affecting factors to make a bale of silage

Raw material costs

Firstly, the price of raw materials has a direct impact on the cost of making a bale of silage. For example, the price of silage corn, pasture and other crops will change with the season, geography and other factors, which will directly determine the cost of raw materials.

Machine efficiency

Secondly, the working efficiency of the silage round baler machine is also an important factor affecting the cost. A machine with high working efficiency can complete more work in a shorter time, thus reducing the production cost per unit of time.

Labour cost

Finally, labour costs should not be overlooked. An easy-to-operate, highly automated baling and wrapping machine can effectively reduce labour input, thus saving costs.

Equipmet used to make silage bales

The most common and frequently used machine is the silage round baler that integrates baling and wrapping. Among many baling and wrapping machines, Taizy’s machines are popular among users for their high efficiency and durability. Our fully automatic baling and wrapping machine not only has the functions of fast baling and film sealing, but also is simple to operate and easy to maintain.

Besides, there are also silage hay cutter, which are often used together with baling and wrapping machines to improve the overall efficiency. There are also automatic feeder and so on, mainly depending on your needs to be equipped.

Taizy silage baler machine price in livestock industry

Regarding the price, Taize’s round baler varies according to the models and configurations. At the present stage, all of our machines are automatic baling, automatic wrapping and automatic film cutting machines, and they can be equipped with motors and diesel engines.

Generally speaking, the price of TZ-55*52 type of baling and wrapping machine is relatively low, which is suitable for small livestock farms or first time investors; TZ-70*70 type is more efficient and relatively high in price, which is more suitable for large farms for silage breeding or investors with rich experience.

When want to invest in making a bale of silage, you should fully consider your own actual situation and needs, and reasonably choose the baling and wrapping machine that suits you to maximise the benefits. Also, don’t forget to contact us for the best quote!