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How to clean the hay baling machine?

The emergence of the hay baling machine makes the straw handled in a proper way, to avoid the pollution caused by burning straw to the environment, but also to make the original waste straw into green nutrients.

But a long time of use can make the baler’s life shortened, so how to maintain becomes a topic. The important thing before maintenance is how to clean the hay baling machine. The next small part of the introduction to everyone about how to clean the hay baler machine.

Methods to clean the main machine of the hay baling machine

  1. Use the straw baler machine several times, then use the sprayer to rinse for a certain time.
  2. Muddy water cleaning: It will dull and lose its effect on the soil if not cleaned in time. Thus, after finishing working in the field, you only need to clean muddy water with the sprayer a few times and then rinse it with water.
  3. Chemical: Straw baling in the field is sometimes difficult to clean grass stains. It needs to be scrubbed with a chemical solution and then tested for safety before use.

How to clean the straw baler machine parts?

  1. The alkaline solution removes oil and grease. After cleaning, then spray with heated water, and rinse off the parts’ surface residual.
  2. The organic solvent removes the oil stain. To prevent the alkali solution on precision parts, organic solvents (such as gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, etc.) can generally be used for cleaning.
  3. The aluminum alloy cleaning solution removes oil stains. When cleaning aluminum parts, an aluminum alloy cleaning solution can be prepared.