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Successfully apply hydraulic oil press machine in France for oil extraction

When looking for an oil press that could optimize its oil extraction process, improve productivity and ensure food safety, a well-known French food processing company chose Taizy hydraulic oil presses. The company valued the stability of the machine, the oil yield and the protection of the quality of the raw material.

Hydraulic oil press machine for sale
hydraulic oil press machine for sale

Features and advantages of Taizy hydraulic oil press machine

Our hydraulic oil press adopts the international advanced low-speed cold pressing technology, which not only can maximize the retention of nutrients in the raw materials, but also effectively improve the oil yield and oil quality.

Its powerful hydraulic system ensures stable pressing force and avoids excessive heating leading to oxidation of oil, thus meeting the high standard of French customers for healthy and natural edible oil.

Final order list for France

After understanding the advantages of the machine’s features, the machine was found to be very much in line with the usage criteria and hence the order was finally placed.

Hydraulic oil press machine
Hydraulic oil press machine
Model: TZ-230
Packing Size:900*1000*1400
Working pressure:55-60Mpa
Heating Power:850w
Heating temperature:70-90℃
Sesame oil yield:43-47%
Barrel capacity:8kg
Oil cake diameter:240mm
Motor power:1.5kw
4 cotton pads for free
1 pc
machine list for France

And we agreed on the following:

  • Payment terms: 100% payment by T/T or according to discussion
  • Production days: 15-25 days
  • Transportation days: About 40 days
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • After-sales service: If the machine has a problem when you use it.
    • You provide a feedback video to us, we will check what happened.
    • If there is a problem with the machine due to an improper operation, we provide the parts for their original price for you.
    • If not by man inappropriate behavior, we provide parts for free.
    • Throughout the process, we will provide 24-hour online service to teach you how to replace parts, etc.

Actual operation and application feedback

After the introduction of Taizy oil extraction machine, the efficiency of French customers’ oil production line has been significantly improved, while the taste and nutritional value of the products have also been widely praised by the market.

Through the video and on-site inspection, it can be seen that the hydraulic oil press machine runs smoothly, is easy to maintain and has a very low failure rate, which further confirms the excellent cost performance and durability of our products.

After-sales service and long-term cooperation

We provide French customers with one-stop pre-sales consulting, installation and commissioning as well as after-sales maintenance services, and quickly respond to solve all kinds of problems to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic oil press machine.

With excellent product performance and considerate service, the two sides have established a long-term relationship of trust, and look forward to deeper cooperation in the future, and jointly promote the development and progress of the global oil processing industry.