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Oil Press Machine | Oil Extraction Machine

Oil press machine | oil extraction machine

Product Parameters

Model 6YL-60
Screw diameter Φ55mm
Screw rotating speed 64r/min
Main power 2.2kW
Vacuum pump power 0.75kW
Heating power 0.9kW
Capacity 40-60kg/h
Weight 220kg
Size 1200*480*1100mm
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Edible oil is inseparable from people’s daily life. Edible oil requires an oil press for extraction. Therefore, investing in oil press machine can bring huge profits to investors. As a professional oil press manufacturer and supplier, our oil expeller covers almost all varieties on the market. Besides, our oil extraction machine has hot pressing and cold pressing. You can choose according to your business needs. Moreover, our automatic oil presses are also exported to Mali, Angola, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Thailand, etc. All in all, the oil press machine can generate income for its owner.

Type One: Automatic Screw Hot Oil Press Machine

As one of the hot sale automatic oil expellers, the screw oil press has a unique design, attractive appearance, and good performance. This machine is equipped with a motor and adopts a hot pressing method because the oil output is high and the oil is fragrant. In addition, the automatic expeller machine has two vacuum filter barrels, which greatly guarantee the output of the machine.

Moreover, the raw materials used are very wide. For example, soybeans, peanuts, cottonseeds, rapeseeds, sunflower seeds, pepper seeds, etc. If any questions, you can always contact us for clarification.

Hot screw oil press machine
hot screw oil press machine

Reasonable Structure of Electric Oil Press Machine

It has a very unique and simple design, feed inlet, control cabinet, screw, and vacuum filter.

Structure of groundnut oil processing machine
structure of groundnut oil processing machine
1. temperature regulator7. feed inlet
2. smoke vent8. adjustment section
3. power distribution cabinet9. heating element
4. oiling position10. oil out part
5. reducer11. press part
6. motor12. vacuum oil filter

Working Principle of Stainless Steel Screw Hot Oil Extraction Machine

As the name implies, this machine mainly adopts the screw to press oil from raw materials. Thus, the screw is the core part. And then, the pressed oil is filtered by the vacuum filter. Our screw is high-quality stainless steel, with food-grade requirements.


Technical Parameters

We have various types for you to choose from. You should know, that we classify the model according to its screw diameter. So, you can clearly know its capacity. The below data clearly states its main power, capacity, weight, size, etc. If you still have doubts, welcome to contact us at any time.

Screw diameter (mm)Φ55Φ65Φ80Φ100Φ125
Screw rotating speed(r/min)6438353734
Main power(kW)2.2347.515
Vacuum pump power(kW)0.750.750.550.750.75
Heating power (kW)
Weight (kg)22028088011001400
Size (mm)1200*480*11001400*500*12001700*110*16001900*1200*13002600*1300*2300

Type Two: Commercial Oil Hydraulic Press Machine

Compared to type one, this hydraulic oil extraction machine has a smaller capacity. Therefore, this machine is usually used for sesame oil production. Definitely, it adopts the hot press. And we use the separator to ensure high-quality sesame oil production. Also, the sesame residue can be crushed and used as feed.

What’s more, sesame, walnut, and nuts can all use this machine. It should be noted that walnuts should be crushed into sesame size and fried first.

Hydraulic Hot Oil Press Structure

This type of machine occupies a small space. The main working part is the cylinder, including the separator, etc. It also has the pedestal to support the machine.

Structure of hydraulic oil press machine
structure of hydraulic oil press machine

Hydraulic Oil Press Machine Specifications

In our company, there are still many types. You can choose a suitable one based on the below data. If you have no idea, welcome to contact us. Our professional sales manager will provide technical advice to you.

Kg pressure(kn)1600220026003000
Max working pressure55Mpa55Mpa55Mpa55Mpa
Electric heating power111.22
Weight of sesame seeds(each time) 2-4       5 -8 6-10 7-18

Type Three: Best Cold and Hot Oil Press Machine for Sale

From its name, we can easily know that this kind of oil expeller can use the hot or cold oil press. From its appearance, it has an elevator. Hence, it’s easy to distinguish.

If you use a hot oil press, the oil has a deep color and high output.

If you use a cold oil press, the oil has a light color.

Cold and hot oil press machine
cold and hot oil press machine

Technical Parameters

Different types have different capacities. Of course, it should have the corresponding motor, size, and weight.

ModelZY-125ZY -150
Motor 15kw37kw
Vacuum pump motor1.5kw2.2kw

Type Four: Wholesale Manual Oil Press Machine for Bid Projects

The biggest advantage of this semi-automatic oil press machine is the diesel engine available. And it’s very simple, easy to operate. Because it only has the screw to work, producing the edible oil.

Apart from this, this machine is mostly used for bid projects for African clients.

Semi-automatic oil extraction machine
semi-automatic oil extraction machine

Wide Applications

A variety of applications is available for the oil press machine. Such as beans, peanuts, cottonseed, rapeseed, sunflower seeds, pepper seeds, sesame, walnut, nuts, etc.


Working Video of Oil Press Machine

What are the Strengths of Taizy Agro Machine Co., Ltd?

Complete models. Go through this whole article, you can learn that our oil press machine almost covers models available in the market. So, from us, you can know the complete types once, very simple and convenient.

Professional sales manager. Our sales managers have rich experience and a good understanding of the machine. From your discussion, they can clearly know what you need and provide the perfect solutions.

Considerate after-sales service. Our company provides online service and also video support. Whenever you need help, we’re always along with you.

Maintenance of Taizy Oil Press Machine

  1. When the pressing amount is reduced and the residue or oil output is abnormal, pull out the screw shaft, and check the wear of the screw, pressing rod, and residue ring. The worn parts should be replaced in time.
  2. After each shift, the residual cake in the machine should be removed, and the dust and grease on the surface of the machine should be wiped clean.
  3. When storing for a long time after the production season, maintenance should be carried out, and the pressed snails, pressed bars, and residue rings should be disassembled, washed and re-oiled, and placed in a dry place.

Successful Case: Fully Automatic Hot Screw Oil Press Machine Sold to Thailand

Our sales manager Winne received an inquiry from a Thailand customer. This Thai customer runs a groundnut oil processing plant. He wants to update the equipment. Through communication, Thai customer sells a wide variety of used oils. Such as peanut oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, etc. That’s why Winne recommends his fully automatic screw press. Then according to his daily sales volume, Winne recommended the 60 type. Because he sells oil and wants to have more clarity, he also wants a centrifugal oil filter. After having a detailed understanding of the machine’s performance, parameters, working videos, etc., he reached cooperation with us.

Order details- fully automatic  screw oil press machine
order details- fully automatic screw oil press machine