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160-280kg/h industrial oil extraction machine for Burkina Faso oil mill

Recently, we exported an industrial oil extraction machine and a roasting machine to Burkina Faso. The customer has a small local oil mill, specializing in the oil extraction business.

This time, because he wanted to improve the oil press plant’s productivity and the quality of the product oil, the customer wanted to purchase the oil press equipment.

Why choose Taizy industrial oil extraction machine roasting machine?

  • High efficiency, durability and easy operation of the machines.
    • Our screw oil press machine can produce 160-280kg of oil per hour, highly efficient. The machine is made of high-quality machine materials and is long-term to use. Besides, operate the machine by the button of the machine. It’s easy to use.
    • The roasting machine can bake peanuts with a 200-300kg/h capacity before oil pressing. This machine has a control cabinet to operate the machine, which is very easy.
  • Customized voltage and current to meet customer’s needs.
    • As Burkina Faso’s electricity standard is different from ours, the customer needs the equipment to comply with 380V/50Hz three-phase electricity and the current does not exceed 30 amperes per machine.
    • We customized the equipment accordingly to ensure that the equipment could operate properly in Burkina Faso.
  • Flexible payment method to solve the trust problem.
    • The customer was cheated on Alibaba because of purchasing the equipment, he was very cautious about the transaction this time. He requested to make the final payment when the goods arrived in Guangzhou, he had several agents in Guangzhou who could assist in receiving the goods.
    • We understood the customer’s concern and agreed to this transaction to ensure the customer’s trust.

Final order for Burkina Faso

After the above problems were solved, this customer placed an order as follows:

Screw oil press machine
Screw oil press machine
Screw Diameter:100mm
Screw Rotation Speed:54r/min
Vacuum Pump Specifications:10L
Vacuum Pump:1.1kw
Size :2000*1330*1600
packing weight:880kg
Packing size:2050*900*1750mm
1 set
Roasting machine
Roasting machine
Model: TZ-750
Motor power:1.1KW
Size: 1900x110x1100mm
1 set
purchase order for Burkina Faso

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