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Maintenance of the stainless steel maize milling machine

Taizy Agro Machinery, as a professional agricultural machinery producer and supplier, has the professional methods to maintain the stainless steel maize milling machine to keep its long service life and smooth usage.

Main methods to maintain the maize milling/grinding machine:

  1. Before starting the maize milling machine must check whether the door is closed, tighten the hand wheel, and position bolts when closing the door.
  2. Turn on the water cooling device, to ensure that the water source is sufficient, operation is strictly prohibited to cut off the water.
  3. When installing, turn on the power and check whether the motor rotation direction is according to the direction of the marked arrow in an electric way. If it is reversed, please adjust the wiring of the motor terminal box.
  4. In the case of the correct direction of motor rotation, turn on the maize milling machine and run it for 30 minutes to check the lubrication, and add lubricating grease in time. Regularly check and replenish lubricating grease.
  5. Air run for several minutes before feeding, then add material slowly and evenly, do not fill the hopper. And pay attention to whether the current is overloaded to prevent damage to the equipment.
  6. If there is a huge vibration and noise and other bad conditions in operation, shut down the grinder machine in time to check.
  7. Often keep the maize milling machine clean. If faults and defects are found, repair or replace them in time.