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Stainless Steel Grain Milling Machine for Corn, Chilli, Beans, Grass

Stainless steel grain milling machine for corn, chilli, beans, grass

Product Parameters

Model 20B
Material SUS 304
Capacity 60-150kg/h
Material Size <8mm
Fineness 20-120mesh
Power 4kW
Size 600*550*1250mm
Weight 280kg
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This stainless steel grain milling machine is specially designed for grinding various grains in order to obtain a fine powder. And this grain mill grinder is used for a wide arrange of applications, such as corn, wheat, rice, spices, chili, black pepper, beans, coffee beans, ginger, herbs, candy, etc.

Our corn mill machine is of good performance and quality, simple and easy to operate, and very user-friendly. Besides, our maize milling machine is often exported wholesale, and distributors and retailers often import them from our side for local sales and retail activities, such as in Nigeria. So, if you are engaged in related activities, feel free to contact us and we will provide you with the best offer!

Types of Grain Milling Machine from Taizy Machinery

As a professional milling machine manufacturer & supplier, we have different types of corn grinder for sale. Electric grain grinder, gasoline corn grinder, small crusher machine are shown below for your reference.

Gasoline-type grain corn grinding machine:

Electric-type strainless steel grain grinding machine:

Electric driven milling machine
electric driven milling machine

Small wholesale corn mill grinder:

Mini grain milling machine
mini grain milling machine

Structure of Commercial Grain Milling Machine for Sale

Structure of maize milling machine

The overall structure of the maize grinding machine is very simple and clear, the user can easily understand how to operate it.

S/NMachine part name
2Speed adjustment
3Loose nut
4Crushing cavity
5Switch button

Applications of the Electric Grain Grinder

This grain milling machine has a wide range of applications, such as beans, black pepper, chilli, cocoa beans, ginger, seasoning, corn, grass, wheat, rice, herbs, etc.

There may be others that are not listed, in short, if you want to crush materials, you can use our grinder. If you have such a need, contact us now!

Working Principle of Taizy Grain Grinder Machine

With high speed, this commercial grinding machine uses the relative movement between the movable tooth disc and the fixed tooth disc, in order to crush the materials by tooth impact, shear, friction, and collision.


This machine has a simple structure, smooth operation, low noise, and good crushing effect. After crushing, the material directly from the crushing chamber is discharged. The size of particle size can be achieved by selecting different screens.

How about Grain Milling Machine Price?

We have various types of grain corm grinder machines and can grind various kinds of grains. If you want to know the price of such machines, you first need to know what kind of material you want to crush. Because the products are different, the grain corn/wheat milling machine chosen will be different. The grain milling machine price is also different.

Secondly, the purpose, such as corn grinder for chicken feed. According to the customer’s different use, our professional recommends the machine matching the clients, different screen configurations for different machines, so the price is naturally not the same.

Also, the destination country. This is mainly affected by the international shipping freight, at the same time different destinations’ freight is also different, then the overall price of the machine is also different.

Of course, the grain milling machine price is also affected by other aspects, such as the purchase of machine accessories, the time to buy the machine, the quantity of the purchase of the machine, etc. If you are interested in this maize milling machine, do not hesitate to contact us! We will provide you with the best solution.

FAQ of Grain Milling Machine for Sale

1. What can be the raw materials for grain corn grinder?

Grains and cereals, chili peppers and other seasoning categories, yams, and other solid ingredients.

2. What is the coarseness of the finished product?

Generally in 20-40 mesh.

3. How about the grain crusher machine material?

304 stainless steel.

4. If the voltage doesn’t match my country, can you change it?

Yes, of course. We can customize the machine voltage for your convenient usage.

5. What’s the capacity of the grain crusher machine?

There are many production capacities, and we can advise the suitable one according to your needs

Technical Parameters of Grain Mill Grinder

Power(kW)1. 12.23
Rotating Speed1400r/min1420 r/min1420r/min
 Fineness (mesh) 50-200 50-200 50-200
Capacity (kg/h )15-4030-5030-60
Fineness (mesh)50-20050-20050-200
Size (cm)47*22*3455*28*4160*30*46
Weight (kg)304048
specifications of small stainless steel grain crusher
Grain milling machine for sale
grain milling machine for sale
MaterialSUS 304SUS 304SUS 304SUS 304SUS 304
Capacity (kg/h)10-6060-150100-300160-800500-1500
Material Size (mm)<8<8<10<12<14
Fineness (mesh)20-12020-12020-12020-12020-120
Power (kW)2.247.51118.5
Rotating speed (r/min)60004500380034003200
Size (mm)550*6000*1000600*550*1250700*600*1450900*800*15501000*900*1680
Weight (kg)150280340450530
specifications of grain milling machine

Video of Taizy Grain Flour Mill Machine – How to Grind Grains into Fine Powder?