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Taizy maize flour milling machine solution for South Africa

In July 2023, Taize Machinery received an inquiry about the maize flour milling machine from a middleman in South Africa, who wanted to buy cornmeal production equipment for exporting to the South African market. This middleman is located in South Africa and mainly engaged in import and export trade of agricultural products. He saw the demand for cornmeal in the African market, so he wanted to set up their own cornmeal production line.

Maize flour milling machine
maize flour milling machine

Requirements about the maize flour milling machine

  • High production efficiency, able to meet the production requirement of 1200-2400kg per hour;
  • Stable product quality, able to meet the standard of the African market;
  • Reasonable price, able to meet their cost requirements.

Solution for the above requirements

Taizy Machinery provides two options for customers according to their needs:

Corn grits making machine
corn grits making machine

Solution 1: Use corn grits making machine to complete corn threshing and grits & cornflour making in one time, with high production efficiency, but the product cost is higher.

Solution 2: Use maize flour milling machine and corn thresher to complete corn grits & cornmeal production in two steps, the production efficiency is a little lower, but the product cost is lower.

After price comparison, he finally chose Solution 2, i.e. to buy 4 sets of corn mills and 1 set of corn thresher.

Taizy maize flour milling machine’s advantages

Our corn milling machine and corn thresher adopt advanced technology with stable quality and reasonable price, which is well received by customers. Besides, the equipment wins customers’ trust with high quality, high cost performance and perfect after-sales service.

Machine list for South Africa

Disk MillModel:9FZ-23
Motor : 4.5kw,2800rpm
Voltage: 220V,50Hz,single phase
Overall size:400*1030*1150mm
Machine Packing size:650*400*600mm
Machine Weight: 40kg
Motor:450*240*280 mm
Motor Weight: 29kg
Remark: 4 sieves for free
0.3mm sieves
4 pcs
Multifunctional Thresher MachineModel: MT-860
Power: electric motor
1 pc
machine list for South Africa

If you want to make cornflour or corn grits, welcome to contact us for more details!